About Marketeering Group

When Seattle was recovering from the recession, we saw an opportunity to leverage new technology on behalf of small businesses to help them all grow. To deliver at the right price we developed an alternative model for digital marketing that depends on scaleable production while not sacrificing relationship. We’ve grown through dedication, listening, constantly learning and always being the first to adapt. 

Our mission is to grow and guide small businesses in the rapidly changing digital world.


The History of Marketeering Group

Danny Done founded Marketeering Group in 2011 after working several local sales jobs following the recession. Having had a background working with tech startups, it was astounding to him that the massive amount of new technology available actually made running a small business harder rather than easier.

It became apparent that the average small business owner lacks the time, expertise or technology to keep up to date. Many of them are constantly listening to various sales pitches and getting conflicting information. Our business structure was influenced by  hundreds of conversations with small business owners in the Seattle area. Once their common needs were established, we were able to outline a unique structure to meet them.

However, many small businesses are struggling to keep up in this competitive marketplace. There’s a massive amount of fresh talent coming out of colleges and universities that could be applied to solve their digital marketing problems. The trick is to make the economics work in order to connect the talent available to the needs of local businesses.

Marketeering Group is a 100% bootstrapped operation and financed by its happy clients. Delivering exactly what our clients want quickly and efficiently have been and continue to be the key to our success. We’re a company built from beginning to end by anticipating and understanding the needs of small business owners.

We Are Digital Ambassadors For Small Business Owners

You can finally leverage the complete strength of digital marketing and take advantage the latests trends and technology! Imagine knowing that your voice, message and everything that makes your business unique will be represented professionally across the Internet. When you hire Marketeering Group, you’re really hiring an ambassador between your business and potential customers searching on Google, browsing on Facebook, talking on Twitter, and watching on YouTube. You can then capture their attention, engage with them, and ultimately turn them into customers.

Consider us caretakers for every aspect of a company’s relationship with the Internet. Beginning with registrar and host management, to video, photo and blog content production, and all the way to reputation management, you will have a partner to manage every account your business may have. We monitor the latest trends and technology beginning to the end. This means that once you join us, you never have to worry about passwords, plugins, site security, and neglected accounts.

Our Seattle marketing company manages hosting, web design, search engine optimization, directory management, blogging, photography, videography, social networking, ad management, and graphic design. Now, all you need to worry about is running your business – leave the Internet to us.

We’re Seattle marketing company that you can come talk to yourself. We’re not in New York, San Francisco, or Houston – our team lives and breathes every aspect of Seattle. During our onboarding process, our team members will also meet with you in person to gather ideas for blog content, social media posts, and shoot photos and videos. Even our developers and programmers come out from behind their computers to share their ideas on an updated version of your website. You can meet in our office with our web developers to ensure your website looks the way you want and have an SEO expert walk you through the progress and analytics of your search engine campaigns.

Best of all: We’re the most affordable Seattle marketing company. We know small businesses in Seattle and understand their budgets. We’re built from the ground up to be accessible to any size business, so that you can seize the digital economy, no matter your size.

Relationships, Service, and Location – All Online!

Everything you’ve ever known about small business marketing still applies. Business is about relationships, service, and location. Seattle small business marketing has always known this.

We approach digital marketing the same way. We want to serve small businesses online in a way that is pleasing to their communities and customers. There’s a camaraderie that exists between small businesses and local customers. After all, your customers are often your friends, families, and neighbors. Building, growing, and maintaining relationships online is the key to success in the digital world.

Think of it in terms of a restaurant. A husband and wife who’ve had years of experience working in kitchens and restaurants have finally secured the perfect space and have gotten a loan to open their own eatery. After the initial opening week fervor surrounding their new restaurant, things have slowed down. People are still looking for great places to eat in Seattle, but if they can’t find theirs, they’ll go elsewhere.

We concentrate our marketing efforts by putting your business in front of people who want your services but aren’t aware of its existence. By leveraging local directories, relationships, and communities, we can position your business accordingly and help your next customers find you with ease.

Connecting with Communities

Small Business Marketing Newspaper

Back when newspapers ruled the world (slightly after dinosaurs), they held a near chokehold on small business marketing in their communities. The newspaper was the means by which a community connected with itself. Individuals could only talk with their neighbors or read the newspaper to find out what was going on, what was trending, or even what was funny (A ‘thank you’ to the comics section).

Today, newspapers have been replaced – not by their digital dependents like seattlepi.com – but by the world wide web itself. This is because people are not going to just one publication, but thousands, and dividing themselves into thousands of networks and micro cultures.

The good news is that these micro cultures still use larger networks like Google and Facebook to organize. Because of this, there is a way to harness this digital economy and use it to reach communities of customers and potential customers. And no, it is not just as simple as adopting Mad Men strategies and throwing money at it anymore.

small business marketing

While the internet is still like the wild west, it is becoming more and more civilized by standardization of programming and search algorithms. This allows the small business owner to have a predictable system to reach the communities they need to reach online.

Small Business Marketing is Changing Around the World!

Small business marketing internet use

By leveraging the Internet to reach and engage with communities of customers, businesses have the potential to grow like never before. Once it was just a matter of money required to reach these customers. Now there is no limit to the number of people a small business can reach, just as long as their products or services are relevant and they know how to go about reaching people online.

The biggest change is happening not just because businesses are driving it, but because people’s lifestyles are changing. The average person spends over 8 hours per day looking at a screen and the majority of that time, it’s a computer screen. With mobile technology becoming more available to people around the world, over 1.2 billion people are connected to the Internet on a daily basis.

This access to information has changed the way they buy by using apps like Yelp to discover a new restaurant or comparing prices between different retailers on Google Shopping.

More than ever, reputation is the most important thing to manage in small business marketing. One review or comment can make or break a business’ reputation. Because of this, the small business owner must be aware of everything about their business online. Your business will be online whether you like it or not and because of this, you should be involved and responsive.

The World is Going Digital

There’s no escaping it – people are moving their lives online. People use the Internet for everything from planning their days to shopping. That means that small business marketing needs to rely on the Internet to reach new customers. Gone are the days of newspaper ads that would likely only reach people in your neighborhood. Now, people are turning to the Internet first to decide where to go, what to do, and what to buy. Google and Yelp are the new yellow pages, Facebook is the new company break room. If you want to reach new customers, the old days of small business marketing are gone; the Internet is here to stay.

Small business marketing

Small Business Marketing Also Means Local

Small businesses also generally work face to face with customers. However, that is neither where the relationship begins or ends. Consider how many people are looking for the best new happy hour on their phones when they are out on Capitol Hill with their friends. We can help you maximize how accessible you are to people down the street or just visiting a neighborhood and present your business in a way that is engaging and attractive enough to bring them in your door.

This is why small businesses must change their marketing strategy to capture their local market online. That’s where they’re at and they aren’t going anywhere.

phones small business marketing

The Internet is packed with small business marketing tips – some good and others questionable. One of the most important advantages you get with Marketeering Group is dedicated support with any questions you might have about marketing your business. Your marketing professional comes with a wealth of experience in multiple industries – experience you can leverage to beat your competitors in search engines.

Small Business Advantages With Marketeering Group

Once you join up with Marketeering Group, you’ll gain access to a one-on-one consultation with a professional online marketer ready to provide all the small business marketing tips you need to stay competitive.

Our system for digital marketing is simple. Search engine optimization is important, but nowhere near as important as helping your business build relationships, establish location dominance, and highlight superior services. Feel free to browse our ‘Learn’ section for just a few small business marketing tips and information on how Marketeering Group handles digital marketing.

Seattle Small Business Owner, You Need Us!

The reason that most small businesses fail is that the owner spends too much time working in their business and not enough time on their business (cliched, but true). You’re busy and don’t have the time to write blog posts, post on social media, learn SEO and certainly not sit on hold with GoDaddy one more time. That’s what we’re here for!

It’s not atypical to see a website that is 5 years out of date, built by someone’s estranged friend’s brother, social media that lives in spurts and dips, and SEO, completely ignored. What is most important for you is continuity of message across all platforms, regular production of content, reliable support for your website, and other internet technical tools, all while at the same time and innovation to keep up with what your customers will be using. All of this needs to be at a price that is accessible for every Seattle small business owner to leave a little room to still spend your budget on a few ads with industry specific sites and print outs for your location if you should so choose.

Stay on Top of the Game or You’ll Lose

People are being hard-coded to discover new businesses using the Internet. Business is reliant on two goals: understand where your customers are, and meet them there with your product. Millennials have become the most powerful and largest purchasing force on the planet. Have a look at this great infographic that demonstrates exactly why marketing for small business must happen online.

Small business marketing to generation y

You Can’t Realistically Do It Alone

Let’s face it, you’re busy! With all the new websites, apps and online communities popping up left and right, it’s hard to keep up with the online economy, especially when running your own business. That is where Marketeering Group comes in. We keep your business integrated and up to date across the entire Internet so you can focus on doing what you do best.

001 Seattle Business Owner


We are the Seattle Small Business Solution for the Digital World!

The answer to your problem is Marketeering Group. We’re a group of experts of every field typically needed to represent the business on anything that relates to the Internet. Rather than being paid per hour or per job we are paid on a retainer basis for consistently needed services that you can always count on.

The services that are needed most consistently are content development for blogs, photography and videography, graphic design, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, and of course technical support that actually fixes issues for you. You need all of these services on a consistent or on-call basis and we’ve created basic marketing packages accessible to all Seattle businesses.

Finally, let’s talk about your website. While websites are extremely important to business, it is not actually the website that brings business for you, but it how it is used, and who sees it. Most Seattle small business owner invest a large amount of time and money into their website, only to have it not rank well, and quickly get outdated. Because of that, we borrowed the cell phone model. We will build in the cost of the website into the monthly rate, and after a certain amount of time, give you a free upgrade when needed. We assume that technical and visual trends will grow and change, and your website will need to be updated either aesthetically or technically at least once every year or two. Because of that, we’ll build you a WordPress website in the setup at cost!

We all know that the internet is a gigantic web. But what is sometimes less known is that every digital service should not only link to the others, but also be set up to fully integrate with the others. For example, search engine optimization is vastly affected by the website’s design and structure, therefore any web designer should know search engine optimization, and any search engine optimist should also be a website developer, or be working with one. Similarly, social media should be done in a way that associates branded keywords with the specific URLs on the site. This is one of the most powerful tools in search engine optimization, and would not be taken advantage of if social media was not being done as a coordinated effort with search engine optimization. Because of this all marketing companies in Seattle should be able to manage your website, social media and search engine optimization together. Those three services in particular are so tightly integrated that none of them can properly be done with out the other two.

Most other marketing companies in Seattle don’t publish their prices. We, on the other hand are not afraid to do so and believe that it’s important to do so for two reasons:

1) Simply put, it makes us transparent. You know exactly what you’re getting for the money you spend. We know how much it costs to perform these services and so should you.

2) It gives you, the client, assurances that we are not just making up a number.

We’re experienced at producing and distributing content, building links, and doing everything we say we’re going to do, so we’ve got nothing to hide.

Our digital ambassadors are your caretakers. We don’t just produce a website and leave. We’re there forever, for any update, tech support, or hosting issue. We don’t just come for one photo shoot; we’ll come back every few months to get new ones. We work with you on an ongoing basis to produce your blog posts and email blasts. Finally, we’re proactive and don’t need to wait to be asked to go the extra mile. We’re watching every trend and new technology that comes and we’re looking for ways to apply them to your business so you never fall behind. We think all marketing companies should be like that.