The Coalition

Coalition Ecosystem

We believe that marketing is better accomplished through a network of creative collaboration that extends beyond the walls of any one office.

We Connect Members with Members

At all membership levels, we actively look for opportunities to facilitate referrals and strategic alliances between our active members, when interests align. Our strategists are in a unique position to see opportunity where others cannot, due to the diversity of members they work with.

We’ve formed industry alliances for better service:

No one can be an expert in everything. For members that want highly specialized services, we’ve taken steps to build stronger than average connections with other companies who share our values and have complementary or specialized talents. We help each other not only serve our clients, but we also assist each other in operations and training.

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We build important External Partnerships:

Technology Partners

Our technology partners and suppliers give us the ability to scale our work, improve our quality and capabilities and much more. They help with intelligence, reporting, analysis, repetitive task automation, and creative editing tools.

Our technology partners have gone out of their way to help customize their products or prices for Marketeering Group and its members, in addition to helping to educate and train our team. We’re always excited to try new technology.

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Community Partners

Our community partners come in all shapes and sizes. From our blogger intern programs, to our editorial network, these partners offer a wonderful exchange in value that’s not always based in money, and is designed to be beneficial for all.

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