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Why Blogging for your Business is Important

Some people cringe when they hear the word, ‘blog’, and others get excited. For those of us at Marketeering Group, blogging is key to the SEO value of your website, as well as bringing your clients and customers the value of free information. Although you will get current and potential customers reading your blog, the real value of active blogging for your business is in search engines. Most of the benefit of an active blog for small businesses is not in real-people readers, which may come as a surprise. The real value is with Search Engine Optimization.

Here’s how it works: Google will check your website about every 10 days to one month, and if you have rich, new content on a regular basis, Google will rank you higher in search results than if you just have ‘static’ pages (pages that don’t change very often, such as ‘About’, ‘Menu’, or ‘Contact’ pages). If you only have static pages, your website will rank lower for any given search term or keyword because Google has decided that you are not an authority on that keyword.¬†We want to help you get and keep that authority status by blogging for your business on a regular (monthly or more) basis.

An additional benefit is that your website will rank for many more keywords than you could have with just ‘static’ pages. Your business blog will show up in search engines for many more keywords than just the big ones that our SEO team determines for your website. The value of this is that by simply blogging for your business consistently, you can get more and more customers who might be searching more arcane keywords – keywords Google uses to rank you as an authority in your niche! Which means you might get a new client or customer that normally would never have found your company with a more generic keyword.

We write a blog post once each month for you (or more, as your small business package outlines) to stand out enough to the Google search bots to show that your website is regularly updated and active. Of course, we encourage you to write your own blog posts and contribute to the activity on your blog and website, and we’re happy to edit your posts to make sure they contain the necessary keywords and look and sound great on the blog.