Marketing Campaign Account Management

Account management provides you with a dedicated point of contact along with a retainer for additional consulting and oversight.

This is for any business engaging in ongoing services that require reporting.

From: $150 / month and a $300 sign-up fee


Your account manager will be responsible for understanding your brand and your goals in order to help facilitate the purchase of services, track their results and make adjustments to your strategy in order to ensure that your business is getting the best possible results from your marketing campaign.

Their interaction with you will mostly be in the form of consulting and reporting.

On the backend, they work with your assigned team to make sure that all services are clearly understood and performed properly through collaboration.

Requirements of communication:

  • The account manager is required to reach out, via your preferred method, a minimum of whatever number of times is selected when purchasing this service.


  • To establish a clear picture of your digital footprint in so far as it relates to your objectives.
  • To organize efforts and Marketeering Group’s assets to achieve quantifiable objectives.
  • To manage reasonable expectations with the client and to purchase the right services to accomplish those objectives


  • Your account manager will facilitate assignment of tasks and arrangement of all services.
  • They will consolidate and funnel all communication.


  • Asana: Asana is our dashboard for managing the day to day of your account. It’s where your services are assigned to both your account manager and their support team. This is where we keep track of the services you’ve purchased, share notes on how to best accomplish them, and see when they are complete.
  • Heap Dashboard: We focus on the results from your site and total conversions through heap analytics. This lets us know how many people accomplished a measurable goal online.