Business Branding Services

Develop your brand to present your products or services in the best possible way to resonate with your buyers and make more sales.



Your brand is your biggest asset. In this day and age, companies aren’t just selling products and services, they’re selling holistic visions and solutions to bigger world problems. Strong brands showcase their values with every interaction online, offline and in between. Whether you’re starting from scratch or hoping to make your established brand stronger, our team will lead you through the entire process so that we can illustrate your vision and bring it to life.

At Marketeering Group, our team can make sure your brand has everything you need to be successful.  Once your brand is established, we can build you a website optimized for SEO, write content to be used both onsite and offsite, manage your social media and put together any other multimedia or graphic collateral you may need to hit the ground running.

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New Brand Case Study, Shingletown
Small Brand Book Example, Meraki
Small Brand Book Examples

Logo Design:

Our simple logo design process is structured to capture the visual personification of your business. We begin with a meeting with you. This helps us get an idea of what your business is, how you came to be, who your customers or clients are, and why they come to you.

We look through examples of different logo styles and identify what you like, as well as where and how your logo will be used.

Based on that meeting our graphic designers will create 6 concept variations for you to review. Our goal is to identify two variations that are good or close to your liking. The refinement process sometimes takes several more drafts. Because of this, we budget for incidental consulting and revisions, up to 2 additional hours of work.

Identity Revamp:

Identity discovery and articulation is essentially the first half of the Creative Brand Development service we offer. However, it does not include the complete development of all assets.

The process:

  • The client fills out a discovery survey focused on their story and their client’s stories
  • The team researches elements discussed in the survey, along with industry consumer trends
  • Meeting with the client to refine:
    • Their beliefs and mission statement,
    • An aesthetic that fits with what the client likes
  • Development of logo and drafts of slogans

Small Brand Book

This service includes your logo design, colors, fonts, imagery, and website style. This is a visual playbook to provide guidelines for everything from how your ads should be displayed to how your print collateral is designed.

This is ideal for a business that is growing fast and needs to ensure brand consistency across all platforms, locations, and even employees.

Here are some great examples of brand books.

Technical Brand Overhaul

When developing your brand through a data-driven process, we begin with an industry study. Identifying the top players, and reverse-engineer the strategy that made them successful allows us to build buyer personas based on that research. Buyer personas are profiles that summarize your ideal customer. We use these point us in the right direction for pre-existing research on people who match that persona as well as build a pool of people to survey for feedback on the creative that is generated during the branding process.

The baseline process for brand development, which may be expanded upon if needed, is as follows:

  • Opening conversation with creative director
  • Intensive industry study and report with buyer personas
  • The creative meeting, reviewing general concepts, clarifying attitudes that work.
  • Development of logo, and slogan drafts
  • Approval by client on top 3 versions
  • Market survey to test
  • Identification of the correct logo
  • Building of brand book
  • Refinement meeting of Brand book
  • Application of brand book to digital and physical properties
  • Split test key landing pages


  • A meeting either over screen-shared conference call or in-person to review the product created, depending on the service purchased.
  • A PDF/.jpg of the finalized design files.
  • Logins to Marketeering Group’s task management system and reporting software (as applicable).


  • Logo drafts are limited to 4 variations and 3 drafts.
  • Any brand collateral has a limit of three revisions, totaling no more than 2 hours for a logo, and 4 hours for a brand book.
  • The client must approve branding elements before they are applied on their website (if applicable).
  • Work shall be considered complete when the assets are delivered to the client with no additional revisions requested.