Content Marketing Piece

This service involves the production of text content for various uses. Content Pieces are often used with other services to achieve specific marketing goals.



Content is a vital strategy that supports other marketing efforts such as SEO and social media. It improves your Google authority, brings new users to your site, and gives you a key to unlock relevant influencers on social media. Our team will research and produce content that fits the parameters of the publishing medium, speaks to the right audience, and clearly conveys your message in a way that informs, excites, or engages with your customers.

This service includes one piece of content with a limit of 600 words. Request multiple quantities for higher word count limits. Types of Content Pieces include:

  • Blog posts
  • On-site web copy
  • Off-site articles (for link building)
  • Whitepaper content
  • Podcast scripts
  • Press releases
  • Email template copy
  • When the type of Content Piece is selected, a Marketeering Group team member (Editor, Content Writer, or your Account Manager) will reach out to learn the specifics of what you need.
  • The Content Writer will use this information to guide his/her research and content production.
  • The Content Piece will be delivered to the customer/client for review (2 rounds of edits only).
  • Once approved (or if no revisions are requested within 5 days of delivery) the Content Piece will be published or distributed (in the case of off-site content).
  • Placement of Content Pieces will be noted in Marketeering Group’s Project Management System for the client to access.
  • Each Content Piece is limited to a 600-word count. Fewer words will not result in a refund or credit of any kind.
  • Once delivered, the Content Piece is considered complete regardless of whether it is published or used.
  • Each Content Piece has a limit of two revision rounds by the client. Additional rounds are billed at add-­on rates posted on our website.
  • Additional Content Pieces and re­writes (if a completed Piece is deemed undesired for publication) are billed at add­-on rates posted on our website.
  • By purchasing this service, the client also agrees to the general Marketeering Group Service Terms and Conditions.