Grow your follower base on Social Media

Our team works to understand who your ideal followers are, then we write and manage a customized formula assisted by a few tools to watch, learn, like, follow and engage with people who would benefit from being in your network. This is the most natural and organic way to gain followers.

From: $150 / month and a $200 sign-up fee


While our other Twitter services are the best way to grow organic followers, there is a common practice designed to increase followers that caters to the spirit of the network, but uses a bit of automation to save time.

We have a partnership through ManageFlitter, where we can find any person with a bio that matches people you might want to network with, or who are talking about things you can contribute to. We can automatically follow those people in a systematic way, so that they notice and ideally follow you back.


  • Our social media managers identify 10-20 influencer accounts for your brand
  • Our team builds out your social media profile to ensure it’s attractive to new followers
  • Our team builds an automation program designed to follow people, like and share relevant people and posts

On going:

  • Our computers run the program on a staggered cycle based on your target followers’ peak activity
  • Depending on the strength, the engine will engage with 250-500 people per day
  • Our team members will be notified of any reciprocal engagement from your target followers
  • Our team members will manually respond to messages, thank people for following, and ‘like’ comments on your posts
  • Our team adjusts the program based on the response of the new followers in a manual review once a week
  • All projections of follower growth are estimates. Actual follower growth will depend on the content of the social media profile and the alignment of the target audience.
  • Marketeering Group is not liable for changes in any social media platform’s algorithm which may render this strategy less effective, or suspend it. 
  • Should a social media profile become suspended, the client holds Marketeering Group harmless and waives the right of any recourse other than cancellation of this service.
  • The client waives the right to hand-pick particular followers on their accounts, as flexibility is key to success in this strategy.
  • All issues that may occur will be brokered and managed through the Account Manager assigned.