WordPress Website Build

Build a new WordPress website for your small business. Work directly with our developers in a 3 stage process taking your website from concept to a reality within 4-6 weeks.



Marketeering Group’s development department works with businesses large and small to build, update or transfer your site into WordPress using the best design practices.

The process follows a three step process with an initial consultation to review the ideal look and feel, along with the required site structure and functionality. We then itemize and facilitate the collection of the elements and logins needed such as photos, content, videos, and any logins will be needed to launch the site at the conclusion.

The first draft is focused on general design, and structure. Typically several revisions are requested at this time, based on the progress that has been made. Once all revisions are done and each element is in place, we get approval from you and your site goes live.


Examples of our work:

  • Pre-development questions sent to client to direct design and determine functionality. If developer feels that responses are insufficient, there will be at most 1 follow up email. If there is no response within 1 week, the developer will move forward without the responses.
  • Developer will send client 2-5 themes to choose from based off of the responses to the pre-development questions. A half hour phone call may be scheduled between the client and developer to talk through the options. Client chooses the theme.
  • Choosing of the theme, starts the timeline for the rest of the project.
  • Developer, Strategist and Content writer determine sitemap and content needs. Content will be written by Marketeering Group and the client will have 1 week to review the content and make any revisions. Revisions needing attention by Marketeering Group will be limited to 2 hours. If more time is needed, it will be billed hourly.
  • Client photoshoot must be scheduled (happen) within 3 weeks of pre-dev question submission. If this is not possible or doesn’t occur, the timeline of the site will be pushed back or the developer will come up with another option including, but not limited to, stock photos and other graphics
  • A 1st draft will be sent to the client based off of the project timeline determined by it’s complexity.
  • Client may schedule a phone call or meeting with the developer of at most 1 hour to review the draft. During this meeting, a list of all revisions and changes needed for the 2nd draft will be made.
  • A 2nd draft will be sent to the client in 2 to 3 weeks after the 1st draft meeting.
  • The Client may schedule a half hour phone call to discuss the changes that were made and to create a final list of revisions,
  • At most 2 hours of time will be spent  on the revisions requested after the 2nd draft. Any more time needed to meet the client’s requests will be billed hourly.
  • Once all revisions from the list are complete, the client gets 72 hour notice of site launch and approval of revisions.


Photo Content

Should you need photos for the launch of the new/redesigned website, you may either purchase an additional photo shoot, or purchase stock photos. Either option is an additional expense to the Website Development fee.

Special Functionality

For ANY special functionality, including but not limited to booking systems, email­-to-­download, password protected or site membership login system, etc., a 2-­hour limit for research and development(R&D) is included in the setup fee. Based on findings from R&D, additional flat fees and/or labor costs may apply for implementation of the special functionality.


  • Reporting on the progress of a Website WordPress Redesign will be done via email between Marketeering Group’s developer and the client.
  • Progress of the development drafts will be noted in Marketeering Group’s Project Management system for the client to access.
  • Approval and installation of all new content, photo content, and special functionality will be confirmed with the client over email, and if billable, added to the client’s invoice.



  • Marketeering Group does not manage or host email. Should the client decide to use our hosting, the agrees that management of their email will be done separately. 
  • Marketeering Group is not responsible for caching issues, settings conflicts of it’s client’s personal or business devices.
  • Copying a perfect replica of your current website may require additional fees for plugins and/or labor, depending on the scope of the project. Waiver of this service is available, but  will not result in any discount in website fees.
  • Access to view the development site will not be given until the 1st draft is complete, clients will not have access to the backend of the site during development, etc.
  • Updates to Content Management Systems other than WordPress are subject to the Research & Development limitations.