Ad Landing Page Management

Managed Landing Pages for Ads

Your ads will be much more successful when our team manages the landing pages by regularly testing, observing behavior and making adjustments to improve conversions. The smallest changes often lead to 2-3x return on investment in your advertising.

From: $150 / month


One key to success in advertising is maintaining a high-quality landing page. One of the biggest ways to ensure that the cost of advertising is as low as possible is to improve the relevancy score. The relevancy score is the way Google judges how well the ad it’s delivering matches the page it’s sending people to. Because this directly impacts the user’s experience, Google favors ads and landing pages that provide a better experience and most closely match what Google believes the intent of the users to be.

Landing page management involves initial improvement of relevance through on page changes, discretionary split testing of the landing page, and adjustments to decrease the bounce rate.



  • Check on leads and make notes for reporting on total leads, conversion rate, and other key metrics.
  • Observe heat maps, click maps and other performance data.
  • Make adjustments to the page based on the data that has been collected.


  • This service is limited to the resources listed in the process section, and the variable options selected by the client.
  • Marketeering Group reserves the right to use the landing page management system of their choice.
  • Marketeering Group will not use more than 1 hour per review, and no more than 2 hours in the set up.
    • Should the client require more consulting or revisions of the landing pages they may purchase extra design and consulting hours.


  • Marketeering Group will apply the work and submit the landing page for approval within two weeks of the order time.
  • Reporting will be managed by the Account Manager and delivered along with their regularly scheduled report.


  • Your landing page will not go live unless approved or it is otherwise pre-approved.
  • Marketeering Group does not guarantee particular conversion rates, only that work will be done to improve them.
  • Delays or inefficiencies in the delivery of this service that are caused by the client’s lack of approval or failure in delivery of material will in no way void the commitment the client has to Marketeering Group.