PPC Text Ad Management

Pay Per Click Text Ads (Google and Bing)

Your PPC advertising will be far more effective when implemented by our team. We do a manual review of your goals, clicks, and CPC, and also a quick check for opportunities or problems. At Marketeering Group, this work is backed with a direct connection to a creative and web team for best integration and campaign upgrades.

From: $300 / month and a $500 sign-up fee


PPC text ad management covers the management and costs of advertising in the text ad sections on Google and Bing. Your ads will be managed by a member of our team who has cross-referenced your product or service with their total search traffic. Using competitive bidding methods and a combination of techniques aimed toward increasing the quality of your leads, our team members make regular adjustments in your bidding strategy and ad copy in order to guide your advertising campaign to success.


  • Service or product keyword study
  • Ad copywriting for relevancy score
  • Set a bidding schedule and limits


  • Manual review of account for:
    • Clicks
    • Conversions
    • Goal Movements
  • Investigation into notable positive and negative movement
  • Identify opportunities
  • Make note of and implement changes to the campaign based on opportunities


  • This service is limited to the resources listed in the process section, and the variable options selected by the client.
  • Marketeering Group reserves the right to use the Adwords management system or any third party providers of their choice.
  • Marketeering Group will not use more than 1 hour per review of each campaign, and no more than 2 hours per campaign in the setup.
    • Should the client require more consulting or revisions of the landing pages they may purchase extra design and consulting hours.


  • Marketeering Group will launch the campaign no sooner than two weeks after receiving the order, so as to ensure proper processes were followed.
  • Reporting will be managed by the Account Manager and delivered along with their regularly scheduled report.


  • Your ad campaign will not go live unless approved or otherwise pre-approved by you.
  • Marketeering Group does not guarantee particular conversion rates, only that work will be done to improve them.
  • Delays or inefficiencies in the delivery of this service that are caused by the client’s lack of approval or failure in delivery of material, will in no way the commitment the client has to Marketeering Group.