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This one-time service will target all major local SEO areas, and you should see noticeable increases once the work is complete.

Specific Tasks

We aim to accomplish a few major goals, which might require more work in the future, but our services will lay the groundwork:

Offsite SEO – 2 hrs

  • Optimize your Google My Business (GMB) profile to display in Google Maps for searches like “Seattle counselor, substance abuse professional, and Seattle psychotherapist.” Specific tasks include:
    • Fix the incorrect Maps picture of your business front.
    • Add further photos to your profile to increase rankings.
    • Add more sub-categories to help you get found by users looking for other similar services.
    • Add more links from your website to your GMB profile.
  • Build 52 new local business citations on major networks to increase GMB rankings.
  • Target strong SAP directories where you’re currently not listed, and generate a list of further listings you can target in the future. (Example)

Onsite SEO – 1.5 hrs

  • Rewrite all meta titles, descriptions, alt text for SEO best practices.
  • Create more internal links in your website content (12-15 per page) to help spread authority to your site pages more effectively.
  • Add JSON-LD local business structured data to each page to improve Google’s ability to understand your website in search.
  • Small rewrites to content to better target major keywords – add new LSI keywords to improve search appearance.
  • Redo your HTML structured code to adhere to Google best practices.

Measuring Results – 1 hr

  • Optimize Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Deliver step-by-step process so you can perform simple SEO checks/work in the future every week/month.
  • Deliver Google rankings and link report to set benchmarks for your SEO progress.

Additional information

Delivery Time

3 Weeks

Departments Involved



Better Conversions: Organic, Increase Awareness: Expand Digital Foot Print, Traffic Growth: Better Indexing, Traffic Growth: Link Building for SEO

Number of people


Where the work will be done

Digital World: Your Biz Profiles, Digital World: Your Website, Real World: Our office

Work/Resources Used

Admin: Consulting, Admin: Logistics, Creative: Editing, Non-Human Resources – Software, Technical: Data Management