Small Business Strategic Marketing Plan

Work with our marketing strategists to develop a 12 month small business strategic plan that covers your goals, key performance indicators and plan of work needed to grow your business to the level you’re reaching for.


This plan is designed to be a living document that is revisited on a regular basis as your business grows and the digital marketing landscape changes. You will receive a paper or digital copy of this plan, based on your preference.


Our strategic plans are designed to guide the purchasing of marketing services and target them to accomplishing specific goals that are discovered through the process of business and industry study.

The final result of a strategic plan is the following:

  • 90-minute consultation with your account manager
    • Review background, value propositions, and existing goals of the business owner.
  • Industry overview:
    • Localized competitive analysis
    • Identification of similar businesses with good strategies
    • Behavior study of decision makers
  • Identification of 3 primary long-term goals
    • Establish key performance indicators to evaluate success
    • Recommended tracking services for reporting on goals
  • Recommended services
    • Descriptions of why each service is recommended
    • Calendar of recommended implementation