Website Update Retainer

Our Web Design Retainer is for businesses that have regular design needs and are looking to save on hourly billables.

From: $200 / month


Revisions to a website can sometimes be a hassle.  If you’re not familiar with WordPress, your particular site, or you just might not have time, we’ll take care of your updates.

This service simply covers edits through the standard WordPress editor, HTML, and CSS changes. It does not, however, include JavaScript, PHP or MySql work, which carries additional costs.

Includes WordPress edits, or work in html or CSS. Some website platforms or CMS may not be supported with this service. 


  • Website Design or edit requests will be confirmed via email when complete.
  • All requests will be logged in Marketeering Group’s Project Management system.


  • We provide digital work that is typically applied directly to your website or its backend.
  • Exceeding the retainer limit in your package will automatically initiate hourly billing at the current price listed on the Marketeering Group website. However, Marketeering Group shall provide client with timely advance notice if the scope of work in any particular month is likely to exceed the retainer limit.
  • Design and Development does not include creative direction outside of the allotment of Marketing Consultation time.