Our Small Business Marketing Team

When it comes to helping your company succeed in the digital economy, our team has everything it takes to make sure you can be found and that you look and sound good online. We have specialists and experts in each area of digital marketing, so that your needs are met across the board. Read on for a little peek into our team members’ backgrounds and passions.



Danny Done –  Founder & CEO

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Danny studied Business and the Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington. His understanding of business and technology was also sculpted by a family deeply involved in the circles of Silicon Valley and Seattle’s technology industries. Having worked in private equity and tech-venture capital companies immediately out of college, he was later coached to gather sales experience in the field as he began laying the foundations to start his own enterprises. He spent several years in Seattle, selling print, internet, and TV ads, daily deals, and many tech services for various companies and startups in Seattle. He realized in working with local business owners, that there was a large disconnect between the innovation of technology and the small business owners’ ability to learn and adopt it, to grow their business. Marketeering Group was founded to serve as that bridge between ever growing and changing digital economy and the local economy we live in every day.


Norelle Done – Director of Content Marketing

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With a longtime passion for writing and an education in professional journalism, Norelle has been a freelance writer, content-creating specialist, and content marketing professional for several years. At Marketeering Group, she is the director of all things content – blogging, email marketing, website content – while also overseeing the social media team in their strategies and execution.

Norelle grew up in the Seattle area, and while she has traveled a little bit, this city will always be home. Along with her duties at Marketeering Group, Norelle has been managing and writing for the Seattle authors’ blog, SeattleWrote.com, since summer 2010, where she highlights authors and writers in the Greater Seattle area. Oh, and to answer your question, she and Danny are married – not siblings!


Mike Quayle – Director of Webology

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Mike started his Internet career as a freelance writer in Michigan, but soon moved on to gain experience in SEO, web design, and user experience. He was offered a job in Seattle to work in the aggressive niche of online schools, during which he learned most of what he knows about search engine optimization and user experience.

Today, Mike manages all aspects of user experience at Marketeering Group as well as marketing and SEO for the company and its clients. His responsibilities include performing keyword research, preparing bi-monthly SEO reports, consulting with clients on SEO issues, and developing local SEO marketing campaigns.


Evan Dunn – Social Media Manager

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Evan is a native Seattleite, who lives in the Green Lake neighborhood with his wife, Shannon. He has extensive experience in social media marketing—with dozens of clients in over a dozen industries. Before working in social media, Evan helped teens learn about healthy dating relationships.

He majored in Linguistics at the University of Washington, and has been an active performance poet for 6 years. He usually explains the connection between Linguistics, performance poetry, and marketing as “the art of communication.” He realizes that sounds a little snobby, but still feels it’s true. At Marketeering Group, Evan is responsible for the behind-the-scenes strategy and mechanics of social media, and implementing these for the long-term benefit of our clients.

Lauren Becherer – Content Curator

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Lauren Becherer is a Seattle-area native who can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful city she grew up in. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Journalism and Anthropology, one quarter of which was spent studying abroad in Rome. She’s passionate about communication, travel, the Pacific Northwest, and people’s stories. Her background is rooted in editorial writing and design, which have been influenced by her anthropologist mindset. These two worlds come together in her travel blogs, where her writing style and wanderlust are on display. Lauren is constantly curious and loves being involved in the Seattle community—she’s excited to learn about your local business and generate content for a wide array of topics.


Michelle Rojas – SEO Specialist

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Born in Mexico City and raised in Seattle, for most of Michelle’s life she has lived with her parents and two older sisters who supported her “through this rollercoaster of life” in her words. With their encouragement, Michelle managed to complete her education at the University of Washington with a B.A. in Media Relations and Communications and a Minor in Diversity.

She is currently working toward becoming an outstanding SEO Specialist while working with a crew that is beyond ambitious. In the meantime, she loves traveling with her family and friends and livin’ it up every day!


Steven Vander Briel – Social Media Maven

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Steven has worked with businesses, independent professionals and nonprofits to help them utilize social media as a tool to grow their business and achieve their business goals. As a strategist, content developer and manager, he has worked in all capacities to better connect a business to its community, clients, and potential clients.

Starting in radio marketing and promotions he adapted those skills and acquired new ones to be used in the ever growing digital realm. From in-store promotions to online campaigns, Steven has a long line of experience engaging a clients community, both online and offline.


Lori Wilhelmi – Digital Ambassador

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With 18 years of marketing and technology experience, Lori provides clients with well-rounded vision in both web design and functionality. As an account manager, she acts as an educator to clients as well as a coordinator with her team. Lori works with a broad base of clients ranging from restaurants, health services, spas and salons, designers, retail stores, technology, non-profits and e-commerce.

With a passion for aesthetics and seeing the “big picture”, Lori brings vision to her clients and knows how to execute. She has a passion for small businesses and their success. Lori has a Business degree from the UW in Marketing, and in addition she is Google Adwords certified and has collaborated in several technology start-ups.


Deborah Tyo – Digital Ambassador and Content Writer

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Deborah’s expertise is in strategic thinking that drives results, with a strong sense of urgency. She is armed with over 15 years of professional sales and marketing experience, and loves to help local small businesses capture local consumers.

Deb believes that ‘Seizing the digital economy starts with cleverly crafted marketing!’ Her belief drives her work as a digital ambassador at Marketeering Group, helping small businesses seize the digital economy and build their customer base. Another of her duties is to use her background and education in journalism to supplement the Content Team with informative, keyword-rich blog posts.

Her career began with six years in high tech publishing in San Francisco before moving to Oslo, Norway to work as marketing director for a video-conferencing company. After 11 years in Europe and gaining a new perspective, she made her way back to the States and landed in Seattle in 2007 with her two awesome kids.


Josh Myers – Web Development Manager

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Over ten years ago, Josh got obsessed with what was happening in the digital realm. He started studying up on technology, social media, and other techy stuff. Josh learned the ins and outs of HTML, CSS, PHP and other web languages in order to become an expert at mastering them in the day-to-day.

At Marketeering Group, Josh has a direct hand in generating websites and customizing their functionalities and design to both look and work really well. He works with each of our clients through the development process to ensure their love of the website we build for them.


Each of the Marketeering Group team members is excited to work with you and your employees to help you seize the digital world. We are happy to answer your questions on the inner-workings of each of our specializations – please feel free to ask!


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