3 Great Ways to Market Your Small Business Online

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3 Great Ways to Market Your Small Business Online

Digital marketing often gets bogged down in analytics, Likes/Followers, and a tangled, confusing web of links, backlinks, and referral traffic. Instead of running a numbers game with your marketing metrics, small businesses can really benefit from a few tried-and-true methods that weren’t born online at all. Here are three ways to effectively market your small business on the Internet and social media:

1. Sponsor a Community Team or Event

Put your company’s name on a little league team’s jersey! Sponsor a pub crawl! Organize a charity fundraiser or donate your products and services! There are tons of ways to get involved in your community and they’re not limited to the digital world – though organizing through community pages, Facebook, or your own site wouldn’t hurt. Look into a cause or event your company feels strongly about and reach out to ask how you can get involved. Building strong relationships within the community is good for foot traffic and word of mouth, but may also have a strong SEO benefit in attracting links from community websites.

2. Become a Member of the Local Business Association

Sounds like business networking 101, right? In Google’s eyes, there’s a strong benefit in having community organizations’ websites link to your company. Becoming a member of local business organizations (including neighborhood-specific ones) may not have immediate monetary benefits, but it’ll show your company is committed to the local economy and network of businesses that operate there.

3. Use Video

The difference between video production and distribution in the digital world and 20 years ago is that you no longer have to jump through hoops to get it in front of potential customers. YouTube is free and producing a video is cheap. Even an informational video about your business can go a long way to explaining your services or story to your audience. For an extra boost, throw some money at a Facebook or YouTube ad and see how many people see it. Just remember: the more effort you put into it, the more engaging it will be.