5 Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Mark Zuckerberg speaking about the mission of Facebook. "Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected"

5 Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Facebook is basically king when it comes to the method to accessing and interacting with your customers through social media. Small businesses have noticed: 86 percent of small businesses say Facebook is the most effective medium in social media for engaging customers, according to an infographic by Intuit (an innovative online finance and marketing company).

To drive that point home, 51 percent of folks who “like” a business’ Facebook page say they’ll probably buy a product from that business. Conversions just from ‘likes’? Yes, please!

But how should small Seattle businesses most effectively market on Facebook in order to actually get those likes and that valuable interaction?

Well, we’ll tell you …

  1. Start with the link. If you haven’t already, set up your vanity URL so that it says your business name (or something like it if the business name isn’t available) instead of a bunch of random numbers. Having your business name in your URL can make it much easier for customers who are looking for you to do what you want them to do – find you. You can set this up by following the steps in this helpful blog post.
  2. Get plugged in with social plugins! Facebook social plugins are a free, simple way to get lots of referral traffic to your business. And referrals are a great kind of content for sending already-interested customers your way.
  3. Make your fans feel special. You might think that posting on your page wall about your new entrees or an upcoming event is the best way to get customers to your business. But as the Intuit info shows (check out the image below), consumers are more excited about special offers and discounts than anything else you post on your wall. So give your loyal ‘likers’ a break now and then, and watch the boost it brings to sales!
  4. Stay current and consistent (and a little local). Just because discounts and deals are more interesting to customers, doesn’t mean you should get lax with the day-to-day content. Local content is a great way to stay in touch with your Facebook fans. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path, too. You don’t have to post on topics relating only to your business – Facebookers like variety, just like the rest of us.
  5. Spend money to make money. Did you know that you could get some good coverage on Facebook if you spent only $50/month on Facebook ads? These are targeted, focused ads too – so they only show up on the users’ pages you actually would want as customers! You can buy “Like” ads to get more of those things (remember, ‘likers’ tend to buy), as well as keeping users engaged and informed with what’s up at your biz. There’s also Facebook sponsored stories, which have a great click-through rate (meaning potential customers are clicking to get more exposure to your business) and low cost-per-click rate (the cost to you for the ad).

If you’ve got your ducks-in-a-row with the tips above and you keep things relevant and consistent, you’re probably well on your way to having a great Facebook campaign. As always, if you don’t have the time or expertise to get the most out of Facebook and other mediums of social media, we’re happy to help you out – just shoot us an email!