5 Reasons Why WordPress is Ideal for Small Businesses

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5 Reasons Why WordPress is Ideal for Small Businesses

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It seems like every week there’s a new website builder or tool to make creating a new site easy and hassle-free. Just as with any industry, no two services are the same, and as such the results won’t be either. While sites like Squarespace and Wix make beautiful websites without any coding experience, Marketeering Group relies on WordPress’ platform for the majority of our clients’ websites. Here’s why:

1. Far More Custom Options

We love Squarespace for its simplicity and breezy design templates, but the restrictions of the platform can hold back talented coders and developers from fully realizing their visions without playing by Squarespace’s rules. We don’t code 100% by hand in order to keep costs low and turnaround time short, so having a good middle ground in WordPress helps us keep things light while having the option to ramp up later on.

2. It Plays Nice with SEO

Part of our services include search engine optimization and local search mark-up to help customers find restaurants and businesses in their neighborhoods. With our custom tools and add-on services, WordPress plug-ins make everything play nicely. It also helps us adapt as the search engine world is constantly evolving – no need to wait for a platform update from a larger company.

3. Familiar Publishing Platform

Anyone who’s written an article online has probably used WordPress at some point. Because the CMS is so familiar and easy to use, it allows our to easily post fresh content to our clients’ sites without too much technical know-how. Plus, it allows our non-tech savvy clients to add their own content without jumping through any hoops.

4. Thousands of Themes Available

Most sites don’t begin with a blank white screen. By utilizing premade themes, our developers can quickly get a mock-up version of a website up and running and work together with our clients to choose something attractive, functional, and easy to use without hundreds of hours of development time. Plus, it’s easy to swap all of your content to another theme when it starts to look a little dated.

5. It’s Secure

WordPress has a ton of security features built-in, but the beauty of the open-source nature of the platform, there are plenty of third-party security tools competing for the top spot. Competition breeds innovation, and that’s key to keeping up with the rapidly-changing world of cyber attacks. After all, nearly 85% of data breaches happen to small businesses, so staying ahead of hackers is crucial to keeping your company up and running.