5 Seattle Companies Killing It on Instagram

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5 Seattle Companies Killing It on Instagram

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Instagram continues to be a tough nut to crack for any business, regardless of size. With poor ad management tools and the inability to click through a post to a website, investing in an Instagram account doesn’t seem to be a great cost-ratio proposition. However, the lack of resources so commonly available to companies on social media is cultivating some innovative responses by companies based right here in Seattle. Here’s who we love to follow on Instagram:


The definitive rugged outfitter of the Pacific Northwest, Filson‘s brand identity-focused Instagram campaign employs incredible photography, product shots, and the equivalent of print advertising with graphics and text regarding sales and new product launches. Their work-around strategy to direct customers to their website is pretty common, as Instagram only allows hyperlinks on a profile’s bio section and not within discreet posts. It’s not an ideal solution, but it’s one that seems to work for now.

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Fremont Vintage Mall

We love the Fremont Vintage Mall for many reasons, but following their Instagram account is a vintage-enthusiast’s delight on its own. As new, higher-end items come in, the thrift purveyors at the Fremont landmark post gorgeous product shots, condition notes, dimensions, and prices. Once a product is sold, they update the listing or comment “SOLD!” to let others know the item’s gone. In effect, it operates as a neighborhood classifieds listing combined with beautiful visuals and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

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Caffe Ladro

One of our favorite coffee shops in Queen Anne is Caffe Ladro, but that’s not why their Instagram caught our eye. Every so often, the social media team at Ladro hides one of their iconic orange coffee cups with a gift card around the Pacific Northwest with only the background scenery to clue viewers to the location. The promotional angle turns into a giveaway, relying on the coffee fiend’s knowledge of the Seattle area to find the reward. Do more giveaways, Ladro team!

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Nothing makes us crave new ice cream flavors like…well, new ice cream flavors. Delicious shots of Molly Moon‘s newest creations gets us checking back into the store time and time again. A classic case of “a good product sells itself,” all the Molly Moon team needs to do is continue posting for hungry Instagrammers and they’ll do the rest. We definitely will!


One of our favorite places to shop for clothes online also happens to be a company based right in Seattle! Zulily does a great job on all their social media profiles, but their tasteful Instagram gives us inspiration and entertainment on a consistent basis. And with nothing too over-promotional it never feels like they’re pushing anything, which makes it fun to scroll through their profile every time.

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