Questions We Get

General Questions

How often do I get to see my progress reports?

Our primary reporting method is through consultation with your strategist. This is because we often want to be working toward goals that are unique to you, and very specific key performance indicators that often cannot be tracked through an automated system.


Your account will also be reviewed every 3 months to make sure we are on track to achieving your goals. At each quarterly review, we will have an in-depth report sent to you where your strategist will analyze the account progress and next steps.

Access to google analytics and customized automated reporting is available upon request.

I just signed my contract, when can I expect my marketing strategy?

Within a day after signing, your individual marketing team is assigned by each of our department heads. Everything you’ve discussed with us pre-signing is then shared with all the other team members in their various fields. The team then collaborates on a draft of your strategic plan that implements all of our tools and skills in order to achieve your stated goals.


Our team will then want to meet with you for an Account Discovery meeting where you will have a chance to meet the team assigned to your account, communicate your vision, and fill us in on you, your company, competitors, and your goals for working with us.
After we meet, your team researches and then gets together to form a full strategy for the next year of your marketing services. We will send you our comprehensive strategy within a week after the meeting. Your assigned strategist will reach out when it is complete to schedule a call to review the document.

Billing - Where can I update my payment info?

You can call our office anytime during business hours to update your card information. If you wish to make a secure online payment and update your recurring information simultaneously, you can do so here:

I am having customer service issues with a member of my marketing team that needs to be addressed ASAP. Who can I talk to?

If you have problems with a member of your marketing team, please be clear about your concerns and frustrations to them. Should your problem seem to remain unresolved longer than you desire, you may request a phone call with our Chief Strategist & Head of Accounts to address your concerns by emailing


While our policy is to reply with acknowledge of receipt within a business day from your team, some communication may be delayed if it requires additional time to gather resources as needed.

Development Questions

My website went down, now what?

We do our best to keep your site up and running at all times, with a whole suite of security tools that we offer free-of-charge for any websites hosted on our servers. Unfortunately, technology can be unreliable at times, so site outages can’t always be prevented. We consistently monitor for site outages, and usually get sites back up right away. However, if you notice that your website is down, please give us a call and let us know. It’s helpful if you can provide a description of what issue you are seeing, such as if the problem is with a certain page, or if you see any error messages displaying. If your website is hosted on our servers, we’ll make it a top priority to diagnose the issue and get your site back up as quickly as possible. If your site is hosted with another hosting company, we may have less control over the issue, but we will attempt to assist in getting the site back up by checking for issues with the WordPress install, and contacting your hosting company’s support team, if the problem seems to be server-related.

Do you do backups and security for my website?

Yes. Our servers are backed up every other day, leaving both a copy on our servers as well as copying it over to Amazon’s S3 cloud backups. In case there’s ever a problem with the server, we have backups at a different location. Redundant backups ensure that if there is ever an “act of God” that interrupts access to the servers, backups are made in multiple places around the world to ensure your data is always accessible.

Malware and viruses have been on the rise globally. Because of that, not only having regular site scanners to ensure your file are clean, but also pro-active antivirus is a necessity. We install SiteLock on all of our clients’ sites (no matter where they are hosted) to protect against any kind of potential attack and stop it before it does any harm.
Yes, we make backups and security a priority for all of the websites we manage. We run backups on all of our sites three times per week, and keep the latest two copies available on Amazon S3. For security, we use Sitelock to run daily scans for malware and viruses on each site we manage. If anything is found, we take care of the issue immediately. We also have all of our websites set up on Pingometer, which constantly scans each site to make sure that it is up and running. If a site goes down, we quickly receive a message letting us know, so that we can diagnose the issue and get the site back up and running as quickly as possible.

Do you provide and manage hosting, domain registration and email for my website?

We provide free hosting on our dedicated servers for any member client that would like to take advantage of it. We have strict security measures in place on all of our servers, and consistently monitor them for performance. For clients with large or complex websites, we will often recommend that you purchase your own dedicated server in order to keep your website performing well. Our servers are shared among our clients, which works well for the majority of sites we manage, but may slow down a website that is particularly resource-heavy. You are also welcome to provide your own hosting account for your website. We do request access to the hosting account, as it we will often need it to make website edits to support your account strategy.

Clients are responsible for their own domain registration and making sure that it is renewed each year. We may be able to provide assistance in setting up or editing your domain settings, on a case by case basis.

We do not manage email for clients. If you do not have a business email already set up, we recommend using G Suite. Once you create an account, you can purchase email addresses tied to your website’s domain for $5 each, per month. We can assist in configuring your initial G Suite domain settings, once you have set up the account.

I want to make a change on my website. How do I go about requesting this?

To request a change to your website, please submit the request to either your account strategist or our development department at Please include as many details as possible when submitting your request.

Do you charge for each revision to my website?

No. We include a monthly retainer that can be used by our clients for graphic design, photography, editing, or website updates. We do this so as not to nickel-and-dime our clients. While most do not use all of their monthly hours, we want to make sure that the service is available if needed.


If you have already used your retainer for the month and you cannot wait to make the change, we charge $75/hour for additional design and development hours.


No, each membership includes a monthly retainer of tokens that may be used towards basic website updates or graphic design work, if needed. Your account strategist can assist you in figuring out how to best allocate those tokens. Most clients will not use their tokens every month, as it is often unnecessary for your strategy, but we make them available for those times when you do need an update made. If the updates you need will take more than your allotted monthly tokens, you may purchase additional tokens at your membership rate. Basic website updates include revising content, such as changing out pieces of text or images, and small-scale style and formatting updates. Additional functionality (when you need your website to perform a new action) and complete website re-designs are not included in this retainer. If you are interested in either of those, let your account strategist know, and we will provide you with a custom quote based on your needs.

How many hours of graphic design do I get each month?

Design & Development Retainers

Starter – up to 2 hours / month

Standard – up to 4 hours / month

Premium – up to 6 hours / month

Enterprise – up to 8 hours / month


You may utilize your retainers for graphic design, development and email marketing upon individual request, whether your need is to update information on your website, place ads or promote an event. Otherwise the utilization of those retainers will be at the discretion of your marketing team.


The monthly hourly retainers for graphic design, development and email marketing do not roll over. They’re a means by which your team can acquire the resources your strategy needs without charging you extra. It is not expected that they will be utilized to their fullest extent every month.


How many photo/video hours do I get with my package level?

Starter – up to 1 hour / earn new shoots every 6 months

Standard – up to 6 hours total / earn new shoots every 6 months

Premium – up to 9 hours total / earn new shoots every 6 months

Enterprise – up to 9 hours total with 2-3 person production crew / earn new shoots every 6 months

Photo and video services are earned the longer you’re with us. While this is a means for us to keep your visual content fresh, they should also be initiated through consultation with your strategist because the application and format for photos and videos differ depending on the desired goal and platform where they will be seen.

When can I expect to see the edited photos from my photoshoot?

Photo edits are due generally two weeks after the shoot date, unless otherwise determined by your account strategist. Video completion is determined on case by case basis.

How do I schedule a photo or video shoot?

If not already suggested by your account strategist, you may request a photo or video shoot from your team if you have photo/video hours to utilize. Your account strategist will ask you a series of pre-shoot questions and will request three potential dates. Once we have that information from you, we will start the planning process and reach out to confirm the details.


How do I grant Google Analytics Access to your team?

Google Analytics is one of our primary tools used for traffic reporting and keyword data. In order to properly track your traffic and key performance indicators, you will need to grant us admin access to your Google Analytics account. Follow the instructions, here.

If you do not have Google Analytics setup, please provide us with a Google email that you would like to associate the account with and notify your strategist that you need to get this set up.

How do I see my Google Analytics reports?

Your account strategist will set up Google Analytics reports to be sent to the email of your choosing. The frequency of these reports will depend on your package level.

Starter – 1 / mo

Standard – 2 / mo

Premium – 4 / mo

Enterprise – 4 / mo


If you would prefer to access the analytics dashboard directly, we can help you get set up (if you are not already), to view the data in your Google Analytics account.

Google My Business

In order to improve your Google ranking, it is important to have your business listing correctly added on Google My Business to start building visibility in Google Maps and Google Search in your local community.

It is preferred that your Google account used to set up Google Analytics and Google My Business are the same. If you do not have a Google account setup, please create an account and provide the logins to your account strategist.

Follow these instructions to set up a Google Account.

Follow these instructions to add Marketeering Group as an Account Administrator to your Google Account.

Social Media

How do I grant Facebook Admin Access to your team?

Follow the directions, here. If you do not have a Facebook page, just give us the heads up and we will get one started for you!

How do I grant Linkedin Admin Access to your team?

Follow the directions, here. If you do not have a Linkedin page, just give us the heads up and we will get one started for you!

What kinds of social media platforms do you manage for my package level?

All of our marketing packages include the creation and distribution of original content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We also provide add-on services to manage additional social networks.

Additional social networks at an additional monthly cost include: Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram are also available.

What do my monthly social media sets consist of?

Social Media Marketing Sets can be reallocated or combined according to your strategy, consultation, or the discretion of your account strategist in the following ways:

  • Social Media Marketing Sets can be in the form of:
    • Monthly Posting
    • Boosted campaigns
    • Outreach and engagement
      • (Note: outreach and engagement is one hour of any manual social media activity that helps accomplish your goals)


How much content do I get each month for my package level?

Starter –

300-400 words / month

1 optional email blast / month


Standard –

600-800 words / month

2 optional email blasts / month


Premium –

1200-1600 words total

2 optional email blasts / month


Enterprise –

2400-3200 words /month

4 optional email blasts / month

What does a content marketing piece consist of?

Content Marketing Pieces can be reallocated or combined according to your strategy, consultation, or the discretion of your account strategist in the following ways:

  • Content Marketing can be in the form of:
    • A blog post
    • A long-form article that combines several Content Marketing Pieces worth of work (we often call this type of content a ‘Hub’ piece)
    • On-site content for static pages, product descriptions, etc.
    • An off-site guest post or press release (links back to your website)
    • Descriptions on directories, videos, or other useful third party places

I am a busy professional and have little time to read through every content piece you send me. What happens if I respond too late or do not get around to reading what you sent before the publishing date?

Our content writers produce blog posts on a regular basis so you don’t have to.

Once your writer completes a given blog post, they will typically upload the draft to your website, schedule it to publish 5 days from the upload date, and email it to you for review. This 5-day review period allows time for you to return any necessary edits, final touches, or feedback prior to the specified publish date.

Please note: unless we hear from you otherwise, blog posts are auto-published and will go live on your website within this 5-day timeline. This policy is intended to keep your brand’s allotted content calendar on track and ensures your website’s blog maintains a steady flow of fresh material — one of the most vital aspects of any digital marketing strategy.