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Mobile phone sales have dramatically overtaken the PC market, but small businesses are still struggling to catch up and compete in this new space. More and more people are conducting business and performing day-to-day tasks on their phones, so business owners should be ready to...

Your website is very likely similar to the majority of others in that mobile visitors are increasingly becoming a huge slice of your audience. People aren't just using their iPhones and iPads for games, Twitter, etc. - they're buying a lot of stuff using their...

Blogging is critical to the online success of your business. Is that a surprising thing to hear? Some of the small business owners we’ve spoken to are skeptical when we tell them something to that effect, but it’s true.

Small businesses that do their thing out of a brick-and-mortar store or location often get caught with their pants down when it comes to their online presence. If they have a website (and a surprising number of Seattle businesses don’t), it’s outdated, doesn’t convey their image well online, and is rarely – if ever – updated. That kind of ‘web presence’ isn’t really a presence at all; it’s more like a forgotten sock under the bed, since it’s there but it’s not doing its job or bringing you any benefit.

With small Seattle businesses, and businesses everywhere, content marketing – or Content-onomics as we call it here at Marketeering Group – can be relegated to the lower levels of your business priorities. However, content is crucial to the success of your business online. It drives more traffic to your website, by attracting search engines and human eyes, than anything else.

Content marketing really matters. Why?