Marketing Consultation Services

Talk to the Experts, often.

Every package comes with a set of consulting hours that are designed to help take advantage of all our services, brainstorm additional things that could be done to accomplish new goals, and steer the creative direction of the business.

  • Every package comes with retainers for consultation
  • Stay on top of what’s happening in your campaign, and why.
  • We’re available to assist as your business grows.
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These consulting hours can take the form of special reports, in-person meetings, conference calls, or video tutorials. We are happy to meet in any medium that works best for you. Our goal is to ensure that you understand the services you’re paying for and that we understand what your growth goals are so we can help you accomplish them.

Research and Development

There are literally thousands of technologies that are available to small businesses, so it’s hard to know what you need to take advantage of.

Because we want to ensure that you have the best technology for your business, we can set aside time to do research into every new technology or service that is relevant to doing your business better. Time to assist in these projects is included in our packages.

Once we’ve done the research to identify the technologies you might need, we can often use your design and development retainer included in your package to implement it into your digital marketing campaign. Sometimes the technology requires a subscription, purchase, or development work that goes beyond our clients’ retainers. In such cases, we either simply pass on the costs of the product or subscription, or we bill hourly for additional development hours.

Below are examples of ways in which we’ve used research and development to augment our clients’ marketing.