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Build Your Brand With Graphic Design

Our team can help illustrate what your organization stands for by creating custom graphics to showcase your brand to potential purchasers. Great visuals will help your clients better understand your product, service, and organization.

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Why Is Graphic Design Important for Your Business?

Graphic design is integral to your business’s:

  • Brand recognition: This starts with a unique logo that appeals to your targeted customer base. Our goal is for people to instantly connect your logo with your business, products, and services.
  • Professionalism: First impressions matter. Graphics that are high-quality and consistent across your website, fliers, business cards, and so on will make your business seem more qualified.
  • Communication: Visuals can help communicate your business’s message, and even transmit ideas that words alone can’t express.
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How Marketeering Group Does Graphic Design

While anyone can create custom graphics, the challenge is ensuring that they align with your business’s needs, values, and culture and appeal to your target audience.

We tie all of our design choices back to your goals, allowing us to make informed decisions when creating the visuals that will come to define your business. Brainstorming and mood boarding help us explore the ideas that these visuals should convey, and then we pass these concepts on to our network of graphic designers to get to work.

Our graphic design services apply to both graphic design and web design projects, and include work done in Adobe Creative Suite — including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign — as well as website updates in HTML, CSS, and PHP and simple changes to a CMS such as WordPress.

What’s Included in Your Graphic Design Services?

Choose between one-off graphic design services or our monthly graphic design retainer, which allows you to save on hourly billables if you plan on making consistent updates to existing design assets or have monthly projects. Either way, your account strategist will help you choose the graphic design services that are most beneficial for your business.

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