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By becoming an enterprise-level member of Marketeering Group, you get access to exclusive membership pricing and bundled services for even more savings. The sky is the limit on what we can do! We’ll also provide full support with consulting and training, and keep you in the loop about any new services or opportunities.

  • Purchase service tokens in efficient bundles of 8 tokens for $500
  • More than 50% off public pricing for services
  • Extended Consulting Time

$1,000 per month

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Enterprise Member Campaign Package

Our Enterprise Campaign Package is more than just a “bundle and save” option for engaging our services. It goes beyond simply a monthly membership to be a strategic marketing endeavor implemented by a dedicated team of professionals, for better results and increased return on your marketing investment, starting at a predictable monthly fee. While you do get significant savings on the Campaign Package, there are some restrictions in how your Token resources can be applied. These restrictions are not designed to limit your freedom, but rather to increase your strategist’s ability to accomplish your goals.

Your marketing package is first and foremost applied as a campaign, managed by a senior-level strategist, and targeted at specific goals, which we set with you during the on-boarding process.

There also are additional expenses to set up these campaigns, which is why the setup month is a little more expensive. This helps your strategist manage the team in setting up your account, writing your plan and implementing technical and creative changes to help in the running of your campaign later on.

Your strategist works with you to establish your goals, and then identify specific metrics that tell us if we’re hitting those goals. Finally, your strategist works with your budget of Tokens in order to purchase the right mix of services to achieve your goal, and collaborates with a team of specialists to ensure that the work is accomplished and the goals are met.

Enterprise Members on a Campaign Package also have the option to buy services at the rate of $500 for 8 token increments.

Enterprise Marketing Packages

Enterprise Members with a Campaign Package

$1,150/month savings!

Enterprise members that prefer Marketeering Group to be in the driver’s seat of their campaign can upgrade to campaign package for an additional $1,500 on top of their $1,000 initial membership. An Enterprise Member Campaign Package includes:

  • 4 bundles of 8 Monthly Service Tokens (32 total)
  • Weekly Updates and Reporting
  • Work Queue Priority/Rush (available)
  • 5 Monthly Insurance Tokens
  • Membership Fee Included

$3,000 for Setup Month (6 bundles of 8 tokens for the setup—48 total)

$2,500 per Month after setup

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