How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page

How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page

At the top of LinkedIn, when you’re signed in as your personal profile, you’ll see a menu that includes a tab labeled “Interests” – hover over it and click “Companies” in the dropdown.linkedin-company-page


Scroll down and on the right you’ll see this:

Click “Create”, which takes you to the first step:

  1. Enter your Company Name and your email address (ideally with your company’s URL), and check the box to verify you are allowed to create this page on behalf of your business.

  2. You will be sent a verification email at the address you entered. Verify it.

  3. Then enter your company information:

    1. Write a company description (under 2000 characters)

    2. Upload a logo

    3. Choose your industry, company type, founding year, and enter your website URL

    4. click “Publish”

If you have any other questions on how to create a profile on LinkedIn or other social networks, contact us.

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