M-Advertising Men: Get Results from Print Advertising with These 4 Tips

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M-Advertising Men: Get Results from Print Advertising with These 4 Tips

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In a world where print media is dwindling to its barest bones, the right kind of print advertising takes some skill. It’s harder and less cost-effective these days to work your Donald-Draper-magic in print ads, because everybody’s busy on their smartphone or tablet.

But even mobile users retain loyalty to their magazines and neighborhood newspapers of choice, as this infographic by MDG Advertising shows. They might be pricey, but sometimes an ad in a magazine is worth the cost – it’s a targeted audience with pretty much guaranteed readership.

Once you’ve decided to shell out the dough for a print ad, set goals for what you want to achieve with this advertisement. Are you trying to get more attendees to an event? Are you trying to sell more burgers?

Set a specific goal for your ad, stick to it, and move on to the creative process for an ad that will convert to more customers:

  1. Create a killer headline. With your clear, set goal in mind, the next step is to determine the message. The first thing a potential customer will read is the headline, so it had better be fantastic. Your headline should sum up your message, while getting attention – be that by shocking, humoring, or relating to the customer’s emotions.
  2. Make them move. An ad is basically useless if it doesn’t get action from the person who sees it. Do not forget to make your call to action prominent and clear. Whether that’s “call now!” or “order tickets at www…” – it’s gotta be there.
  3. Be consistent. Don’t confuse the folks who see your ad with images and design that doesn’t match the message you’re trying to send. Your graphics should support your message. Think about it this way: if you’re advertising an event, try to design your art to make the ad express the message without words, and then add in the details. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words – but that can hurt you if it’s 1,000 words telling the wrong message.
  4. Bonus: Drive interaction with QR. Let’s face it; we live in the Digital Age. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone, and they use it. You can add a digital boost to your print advertising and capture that smartphone-sporting audience with a QR code (the square barcode-looking thing that you see floating around these days). The way it works: when you scan it with the QR code reader on your smartphone, you’re directed to a webpage, email window, or some other way to interact with the ad. Here’s a website that generates custom QR codes for free.

Print advertising may take some technique, but when done the right way and with the right mediums; you can simultaneously boost sales and your brand. Good luck!