Why Marketeering Group Will Save Small Business

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Why Marketeering Group Will Save Small Business

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A traditional small business is relationship-based. Ever since the days of smiths and cobblers, people would find their service providers through location visibility and referrals through personal social networks. The truth is, those principals have not changed, but the fight to translate those business laws into the digital realm has been a struggle that has killed many small businesses since the invention and growth to dominance of the internet. This has radically increased the challenge of being a small business owner. Now, not only must you be masters of your craft and focused on the the day to day of your business, but you also must spend countless hours trying to learn, adopt and implement new technologies. Business owners are killing themselves by trying to chase the ever-moving target of the digital migrants.

Marketeering Group is saving small business as consumers migrate to the new Wild West: The Internet.

All for one

Selecting multiple service providers for SEO, social media, and web design while also learning new tools and digital practices is as time consuming for most business owners as actually learning and managing these themselves. When every field is brought under one roof, not only can your information and updates be intelligently shared between social networks, directories, and your website, but by banding together marketers of every practice on one team transforms them from isolated experts to collaborative team mates. This is why we call our selves Marketeers, because we’re better together. 

We adapt

While our service packages list specific items that cover all bases, we know that what we are selling is actually more like an insurance policy. We are giving you the peace of mind that your business will stake claim to and build on prime digital real estate that is visible on whatever path the consumer takes– be that search engines, directories, mobile maps, or any other platform as it evolves. Digital communities are in so much flux as they grow that our policy is to remain focused on the primary objective of social media, which is to maintain regular contact and awareness with your current and past clients so they remember to come back, in addition to recommending you to their friends. As a result, our tools and practices are constantly evolving through the active study of trends and collaboration with experts both inside and outside our company to continue to accomplish that goal– no matter what the social network or content style.

We’ve got you covered

Because we know the needs of a business are diverse and often sporadic, we’ve built an affordable “buffer” in the form of optional services and retainers. Much like Obama Care (whatever stance you may take on it) to provide availability and affordability to every business, we need everyone to buy into the concept; yet another reason why we have set “packages” which have this mechanism built in. What it provides is a retainer for a developer or designer to assist with any spur of the moment project free of charge. We also have optional free ad management, email marketing, and consultation, as well as hundreds of available at-cost add-ons to ensure any ideas or shifts in strategy has an easy and seamless implementation. This saves business owners countless hours and dollars experimenting with new tools and ideas, and allows you to serve as the creative director of their business, rather than an R&D monkey. Let us tackle your online presence so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

Owning your own small business is now harder than ever. The only way to survive is to make the right choices on how to apply your time and talents. Search engine algorithms, social media trends, writing content, producing videos, Creative Suite or CSS design– attempting to it on your own will drown you, and not having it done will starve you. The only way to ensure your business has a firm flag planted in the digital economy is Marketeering Group.