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You’ll be in good company

Our initial client base was primarily main street businesses in Seattle, and we’ve expanded our portfolio to include any size of company in virtually every industry.

  • Virtually Any Industry
  • Businesses Large and Small
  • Serving the English speaking world
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These are the Seattle small businesses we’ve worked with. Each of our clients has a package that fits their specific needs. Our Maintain, Grow, and Master options can all be customized as necessary. Marketeering Group is proud to partner with these incredible businesses and to call them our clients. We are happy to put you in contact with any of these business owners if you’d like to discuss their experience with our services, just let us know and we’ll connect you.

Note that some of these businesses are no longer active with Marketeering Group due to individual reasons or changes within the company, but are still available for comment on our work with them.  

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Our clients are probably just down the street from you. The majority of our work is with small local businesses you can find on Main Street. Our passion and niche are those small, locally owned businesses just like yours.

Many of our clients that choose the Business Essentials Package are Seattle small businesses, like Tin Lizzie Lounge, Sugar Me, Pinup Salon, and many other restaurants, bars, spas and salons.

Our e-commerce package is often used by local retail stores that are trying to grow their business. They want more people coming into the store as well as adding some online sales to their revenue. Jack Jerome, Clover Toys, and Chocolate Box are great examples of businesses that we have served through this package.

Finally, our business-to-business packages are used by startups and technology companies like Vorsite and Nevada Gold, who want to reach business professionals looking for direct business contacts for their sales team. These packages are more sales-driven and cater to a different kind of business model.

We also have the ability to create custom packages for people who don’t necessarily fit into the typical Seattle small business model such as CR Boger, a large construction company, or High Purity Northwest, a global seller of oil filtration systems.

Whatever your needs, we have the experience and references that will give you confidence in our ability to use the internet to drive you more business in a forward-thinking and practical way. If none of our packages quite fit your needs or if you need special branding care, we create custom packages or partnerships with PR agencies to accommodate your needs. We’re proud to help not only Seattle small businesses with their digital representation, but also a diverse collection of businesses from all over the country.