Our Process

How we manage marketing campaigns:

While you can buy our services on a self-directed plan, we encourage all members to use our pre-set packages.

In addition to including a discount for an optimal mix of tokens, our marketing packages all come with several other advantages, such as:

  • An account strategist, responsible for the success of your campaign
  • A long term marketing strategy
  • Access to SEO campaigns
  • Ability to earn free tokens and rewards
  • Reserve tokens
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How we implement a package:

When we begin a marketing package, we need to have a consultation to identify your primary goals.

Our strategists then work with our team members to determine the optimal mix and creative implementation of the services we offer in order to achieve those goals.

We identify specific metrics that will indicate whether we’re making progress toward the set goals.

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How we maintain and grow a marketing package:

Your strategist’s job is to oversee the implementation of the work assigned, measure the results, and facilitate communication with you so that you know what’s happening with your account.

Using your established goals and key performance indicators, your strategist makes adjustments to the implementation of work, or even to the exact services being used, in order to stay on target.

The most important element for this process to be effective is regular collaboration between every Marketeer working on your account, complemented by consistent communication with you.

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