Small Business Marketing Services

All for one, one for all

Our team is dedicated to a relationship-based understanding of our clients. We’re experts in every field of digital marketing, working in teams to build and carry out targeted strategies for our clients, using our Marketing Packages.

  • We collaborate on every aspect of a digital marketing strategy
  • Teamwork, creativity and dedication drive our strategies forward
  • Our team has doubled in size every year since we started
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When it comes to helping your company succeed in the digital economy, our team has everything it takes to make sure you can be found and make you look good while we’re at it. We have specialists in each area of digital marketing so that your needs are met across the board. Read on for a little peek into our team members’ backgrounds and passions.

Each of the Marketeering Group team members is excited to work with you and your employees to help you seize the digital world. We are happy to answer your questions on the inner-workings of each of our specializations – please feel free to ask!

Management Team

Danny Done – CEO
Mike Quayle – Director of Marketing Operations
Norelle Done – Editor-in-Chief, Content Marketing
Val Scrivner – Development Department
Jordan Bristol – Social Media Department
Ben Park – Media Department


Ejong Herd
Farris Holliday
Jenny Mounivong
Leo Staten
Miles Edelbrock
Tyronne Marquette


Chris Lange (also graphic design)
Doug Doner
Sonya Ortis

Social Media

Carli Lukes
Kari Jensen
Narissa McIrvin


Leesy Latronica
Megan Herndon


Stanton Hunter


David Done