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Because compelling visual content is so helpful to any marketing campaign we include photography and videography in every package.

  • Earn more photo and video shoots the longer your with us
  • Educate your clients by showing off your products or services
  • Create an emotional connection with your audience
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Our talents and equipment make the production of this content quick and beautiful. Because these are optional services for everyone, we don’t bill extra when it’s needed to be taken advantage of, within the scope of your package. Even if you need additional shoots beyond what are in your packages, we can produce them at a fraction the cost of what you would find anywhere else.One of the biggest advantages of working with a local marketing company is that we can come on location and capture photo and video content to fuel all of your the other marketing efforts.

Seattle Business Photography is about informing others in an entertaining and genuine way through photos and video. Our approach is intimate. We work closely with you to achieve a desired look. The result is a polished spotlight showcasing you and your business. It is more than an advertisement. It is a vision we create with you that leaves a lasting impression among viewers.

Seattle Business Photography is about leveraging your photos and video to liven up the interaction across your social media, to boost SEO and link building, and to build your presence online.

Video production is part of every package we sell at Marketeering Group. Not only does well produced video help your onsite engagement, it also serves as great fuel for social media content.

If you’re one of our local clients, Seattle video production is included in your package. Visual content like photography and videography are one of the best ways to not only engage your users on your website, but also populate your social media and drive SEO.

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