Pricing Structure

How our pricing works:

We use a pricing system based on tokens, which equal the estimated average human hour equivalent’s worth of work on a specific task.

Depending on your membership status, the price of those tokens will vary.

To buy a particular service, please talk with your strategists or one of our membership consultants.

Social Media team members discussing a client's objectives.

Token Pricing Chart

Member/Customer Type Price Per Token
Public Rate $150 ($600 minimum)
Standard Member Rate $75
Small Business Membership Package Rate $65
Agency/Enterprise Member Bundle Rate $62.5 (Sold in $500 bundles of 8 tokens)

Why We Use Tokens

The pricing challenges that have inhibited the digital marketing industry have been the following:

  • Fluctuations in the cost of talent and technology.
  • Some businesses need more customer service or education than others.
  • Some deliverables take more effort than others.

In order to solve these problems and continue to offer our service at affordable rates for any size of business, we’ve decided to manage the economics of pricing by working with large numbers and averages.

  • We price by the average human hour equivalent.
  • We use tokens to separate a service value’s direct connection to the dollar.

This system lets us keep the price as low as possible, and yet not be hurt when a few deliverables require a little bit more resources. This is also a way to help our members better understand the difference in value between seemingly similar services.

The cost of those tokens, however, is variable depending on our relationship with the business or member. The following are the reasons for the differences in price:

  • It costs more on average to work with someone you don’t know.
  • Work is more efficient when you’re doing a pre-scheduled and planned task vs. a one-off task.
  • Applying multiple services under a planned strategy is more effective than one-off services.
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