Small Biz – Brand Refinement


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Creative brand development focuses on identifying a deep connection that resonates with your audience. We do this by an intensive discovery process with the founder or key members of a company.

Once we identify the core mission of the business, which we call “the why”, the rest of the brand development is focused on communicating developing a clear and simple way for the ideal customer to understand on your important platforms.

This brand theory is developed is inspired by thinkers like Simon Sinek, the researchers at TrendWatching, and often talked about by Conversion Optimization experts like Oli Gardner from Unbounce.

The Process

  • Client fills out a discovery survey focused on their story and their client’s stories
  • The team researches elements discussed in the survey, along with industry consumer trends
  • Meeting with the client
    • Review timeline and deliverables
    • Review belief and mission statements
    • Review aesthetic elements
  • Research
    • Target audience behavior commonalities
    • Target audience core reasons for purchase
    • Example discovery and analysis
      • We’ll review successful businesses, who are similar to yours, either in service type or structure, and identify what branding strategies they do that work.
  • Building of brand book
    • Look and feel style guide
      • Overview of important visuals and elements that support the brand’s mission
    • Linguistic style guide
      • Value propositions
      • Taglines
      • Tone/voice
  • Refinement meeting of Brand book
  • Application of brand book to digital and physical properties

Additional information

Delivery Time

1-2 Months

Departments Involved

Accounts, Content, Development, Media, Social


Deliverable: In Support Of Another Goal, Deliverable: Stand Alone, Insights: Consumer Preferences

Number of people


Where the work will be done

Real World: Our office

Work/Resources Used

Admin: "Paper Work", Admin: Consulting, Admin: Logistics, Admin: Strategic Planning, Creative: Camera, Creative: Design, Creative: Editing, Creative: Planning, Creative: Writing, Technical: Analysis