Small Biz – Logo Design


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Our simple logo design process is designed to capture the visual personification of your business. We begin with a meeting with you. This helps us get an idea of what your business is, how you came to be, who your customers or clients are, and why they come to you.

We look through examples of different logo styles and what you like, as well as where and how your logo will be used.

Based on that meeting our graphic designers create 6 concept variations for you to review. Our goal is to identify two variations that are good close to your liking. The refinement process sometimes takes several more drafts. Because of this, we budget for incidental consulting and revisions, up to 2 additional hours of work.

Additional information

Delivery Time

3 Weeks

Departments Involved



Better Conversions: Organic, Deliverable: In Support Of Another Goal, Deliverable: Stand Alone, Increase Awareness: Engage Visitors on the Site

Number of people


Where the work will be done

Digital World: Software, Real World: Our office

Work/Resources Used

Admin: Consulting, Admin: Strategic Planning, Creative: Design, Non-Human Resources – Software, Technical: Research