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When developing your brand through a data-driven process, we begin with an industry study. Identifying the top players, and reverse-engineer the strategy that made them successful allows us to build buyer personas based on that research. Buyer personas are profiles that summarize your ideal customer. We use these point us in the right direction for pre-existing research on people who match that persona as well as build a pool of people to survey for feedback on the creative that is generated during the branding process.

The baseline process for brand development, which may be expanded upon if needed, is as follows:

  • Opening conversation with creative director
  • Intensive industry study and report with buyer personas
  • The creative meeting, reviewing general concepts, clarifying attitudes that work.
  • Development of logo, and slogan drafts
  • Approval by client on top 3 versions
  • Market survey to test
  • Identification of the correct logo
  • Building of brand book
  • Refinement meeting of Brand book
  • Application of brand book to digital and physical properties
  • Split test key landing pages

Additional information

Delivery Time

1-2 Months

Departments Involved

Accounts, Content, Development, Media, Partners, SEO, Social


Deliverable: In Support Of Another Goal, Deliverable: Stand Alone, Insights: Consumer Preferences

Number of people


Where the work will be done

Real World: Our office

Work/Resources Used

Admin: "Paper Work", Admin: Consulting, Admin: Logistics, Admin: Strategic Planning, Creative: Design, Creative: Editing, Technical: Analysis, Technical: Research