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Similar to the Front-end User Experience (UX) upgrades. This requires a little more work since it’s creating a new page, rather than modifying an old one. That requires additional consulting, planning, and writing. Once the pieces are assembled, then the process follows the same method as the Front-End UX Upgrade.  a designer trained in conversion optimization to create two versions of the new page to be a/b slipt tested. Once applied heat maps are also installed on the pages to observe behavior so that adjustments can be made. The version of the page that earns the best conversion rate after 500 visitors to each page provides enough of a sample size to make a decision.


Additional information

Delivery Time

1-2 Months

Departments Involved

Development, SEO


Better Conversions: Advertising, Insights: Establish Metrics

Number of people


Where the work will be done

Digital World: Your Website, Real World: Our office

Work/Resources Used

Admin: Strategic Planning, Creative: Design, Non-Human Resources – Software, Technical: Analysis, Technical: API / Installations, Technical: Data Management

Testing Type

Live Page, A/B Split Test Page, Landing Page


Heat Map Only, Written Summary And Suggestions