Simpurity Branding

Simpurity Branding

Consistency is key when building trust with your audience and creating a loyal following for your brand. It’s important to create guidelines or brand standards that you can use to communicate everything from your messaging to your visual identity when going through the branding process. These guidelines are the foundation for your brand story to create consistency across all digital and print platforms.

We started from scratch when branding Simpurity, a manufacturer of private label, white label, and wholesale cannabinoid products that specializes in creating unique blends of natural hemp cannabinoids. The process was simple:

  • Conduct user and market research to assess the current climate in the industry, research brand positioning, and identify a resonant audience.
  • Construct a brand positioning strategy that fit their needs and the needs of their audience.
  • Create style guides and “identity assets” to bring the brand to life.

The goal was to create a brand that reflected a leader in the CBD industry – the company needed other CBD businesses to trust them to manufacture their products. Content needed to sound professional, clear and informative to convey that they are a vetted, educational resource for topics surrounding the CBD market. Their visual identity was to reflect their use of clean natural products and convey their Colorado roots.

We completed the project with a Brand Book, which included graphic design, content, and creative consulting hours to produce all visual and communication guidelines for their business.

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