Promoting Facebook Posts: Why Should I?

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Promoting Facebook Posts: Why Should I?

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Last May, Facebook rolled out their feature for promoted Facebook posts – allowing businesses to pay a fee to have their posts promoted to their fans.

Since then, businesses of all shapes and sizes have used Facebook post promotion to get their message to the masses. But if you’re not using the tool and promoting your Facebook posts, why should you?

First, let’s map out how Facebook post promotion for businesses works:

  1. Let’s say you decide to promote a post. Follow the steps for how to promote a post, conveniently offered by Facebook. Note that the post has to be within three days old of when you decide to promote it.
  2. Target your post based on location (this is key, particularly for small Seattle businesses), language, and the other parameters offered.
  3. Set the duration of your promotion and determine your budget. Facebook handles billing for this the same way they do for their ads; you set a limit per day or per click that you’re willing to pay, and they go to that limit.

Finally, you’ll watch it work! Unlike with Facebook ads, these promoted posts won’t show up on the side right column of Facebook where the ads are. They’ll see these posts in their news feed with everyone else’s, only the post will be labeled as “Sponsored” to note that it was paid for.

Now to the big question: Why should you use Facebook post promotion for your business? The simple answer is because it works.

Jon Loomer, a social media and Facebook blogger, did a test of Facebook’s post promotion back in August. With his Facebook page and its 5,000 fans as a sample size, he ran a promotion to see what the difference was between promoting a post versus not promoting one.

You can check out his blog post to get the details, but in short, he found that he reached 31% more fans, had a significant increase in fan engagement, and he also experienced a surprise with substantial non-fan engagement (friends of fans). And Jon only spent about $6 per post to get this kind of engagement.

Jon’s is just a small example of how promoting your posts on Facebook can increase your reach and engagement on the social media platform. Even if you only spend a few dollars on each special post that you want to promote on Facebook, you can significantly increase your ability to connect with fans and potential customers. What’s more, you’ll have much more coverage through social media to get the word out about your products or services.