Marketing Reporting and Analytics

Be in the Know

Tracking how your investment is being spent and what your return on investment is very importance to us. Because of this all of our packages come with a suite of tools our clients can login to see our work and results. The following reporting platforms come standard in our marketing packages.

  • You’ll have logins to our project management system
  • You’ll have a custom analytics dashboard
  • Use consultation for custom reports.
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Task Tracking – Mavenlink
Making sure the work gets done is an important part of your return on investment. The primary goal of these packages it to save you time so you can focus on your business itself. Understanding how much time has been saved in the maintenance of your online presence is important. Because of this, we use a task-tracking system with a complete dashboard of our progress across all departments. It also allows us to to track special projects, all communication between our team and yours, as well as any files or documents related to your business.

Analytics – AWR Cloud
main-qimg-bd83a0cf0d133844ff9f37aaee1bf9b9Because we’re working across a variety of platforms and services, we have a system that unifies SEO rankings from Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, as well as social media accounts and overall growth. AWR Cloud allows us to automate specific reports for every client based on what’s important to you and your business. We also have the ability to provide direct access for you to login and explore every analytical aspect that relates to your brand.

Special Reports

We provide so much data and sometimes it can be (understandably) overwhelming to try to dig through it all. If you’d rather see direct results without logging in to either service, you can use your consulting retainer to produce a special report from any department. In these reports, our department heads collaborate to align the work that has been done with the results we’ve achieved. We also explain our strategy for the next three months following the report so you can get an idea of what to expect in the future.