Small Businesses: LinkedIn Profile or LinkedIn Company Page?

Small Businesses: LinkedIn Profile or LinkedIn Company Page?

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Why Small Businesses Should Use a LinkedIn Profile Instead of a LinkedIn Company Page

Many small business owners we work with are interested in taking advantage of LinkedIn – the most established professional social network.

Some of them are familiar with Facebook’s style of business pages: users control a page for their business from their personal profile.

Since LinkedIn has offered something similar for several years, many small businesses expect to use LinkedIn much like Facebook, by creating a LinkedIn “Company Page” to promote their business.

Should Small Businesses Set Up LinkedIn Company Pages?

Yes, but it shouldn’t be the focus of what you do on LinkedIn.

The Benefits:

  1. Other people can quickly see who on LinkedIn works for your small business, which can be a great networking tool. Our company page allows other LinkedIn users to see who works with us:linkedin-company-page-employees

  2. If you want to run an ad for important news about your business on LinkedIn, you can do that through your company page, by going to the “Analytics” tab and clicking “Sponsor” next to a post.

The Drawbacks: Here are a few:

  1. When you post to a LinkedIn Company Page, only people who follow your LinkedIn page, along with a handful of others. can see the post. We have 24 followers of our company page, and between 40 and 120 people usually see our company updates. If you use your profile, you could reach several hundred more people, depending on how many connections you have.

  2. People rarely follow company pages unless they want to get a job with your organization or work at your organization. Half of our 24 followers work for us or used to work for us.

Read How To Create a LinkedIn Company Page.

Instead of Using a Company Page, Post To Your Profile

If the professional networking that you can gain from LinkedIn is important to your small business, we recommend posting to your profile instead of to your company page.

Both our CEO and our Director of Social Media have over 750 connections each. One post to either of their profiles is likely to gain more attention than a post to our company page. Our Director of Social Media gained 600 of these connections in about 8 months.

If you don’t have many connections on LinkedIn, they’re pretty easy to get! Just find people in your industry and connect with them – or import your email contacts to LinkedIn.

Also, a post to your profile is more likely to get a response from people, because they’re interacting with a person rather than a brand (which is just… cooler).

The big idea is that profiles interact with more people, and are more likely to be interesting to people you want to network with than your company page.

If you’ve got more questions about networking on LinkedIn, or social media marketing in general, contact us.