Why Small Businesses Should Be On Social Media

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Why Small Businesses Should Be On Social Media

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The term “Social Media” was coined in recent years to describe web-based applications that allow users to share and view information.

LinkedIn, the popular professional networking site, was launched in 2003. Facebook came out in 2004, but the term “Social Media” didn’t become popular until late 2007. More and more applications began popping up over the years, like YouTube (2005), Twitter (2006), and Tumblr (2007).

Since then, social media has come to include such big names as Pinterest (2010), Instagram (2010), Google+ (2011), and Vine (2012).

“Social Media Marketing” is still a new and evolving field and you may be sceptical about how Facebook and Twitter can fuel your business. Here’s how our social media rockstars can help your company grow and thrive.

Social Media Allows Small Businesses To Find Customers

Facebook has more than one billion users. Through this social network, we can not only access a vast group of people, but also tap into their preferences and lifestyle to get your product or service in front of those who will benefit from it most.

Think about the information people share on Facebook, for example:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests (both in their Profile and in what posts and pages they Like)

Using this information, you can get a good idea of whom to connect with on social media. Social networks act as detailed databases of customer information. Businesses can create an account and interact directly with potential customers.

It Allows Customers To Find Businesses

Social media is a two-way directory: not only does it enable businesses to reach customers, it helps customers reach businesses.

The more people who see your business name, the better. Social media provides another way to get your business “out there” so potential customers can find you.

It also allows customers to talk directly with you. Many customers use Facebook and Twitter as their contact method of choice for customer service. To some, social media serves as a sort of subscription service. For example, a Facebook user may Like your business page so that they can see new updates from your business.

Social media provides valuable points of contact with both current and potential customers.

It’s Free

You don’t have to pay Facebook to access their vast database of people and businesses. This allows effective social media marketing to fit well within small business marketing budgets. Additional services like Facebook Ads and Boosted posts incur extra fees outside of the provided allotment with each level of service we offer.

Most Social Networks Integrate With Helpful Tools

Social media is always changing: new social networks as well as updates to old ones keep social media users on their toes. Helpful web applications, such as Hootsuite or Buffer, give users the ability to manage large amounts of activity on social media without getting overwhelmed. Twitter alone integrates with over one million different web applications.

With the right tools, small business owners can access the full scope of benefits of social media.

Social Media For Small Business: Don’t Pass It Up

There are a lot of myths and misgivings floating around out there about social media. But don’t let that stop you.

This is an opportunity to take advantage of a new and valuable tool.

How We Track Progress:

We want to position your company according to its strengths. Not every company lends itself to social media, but when you put your company’s social media in expert hands, we’ll help you build a strategy that best suits your industry and business.

For some companies, we can target and directly market your products and services to your desired customer base. Using specialized tools and our own knowledge and expertise, Marketeering Group can devise a social media strategy unique to your business and actually convert your social following to regular customers.



In the world of social media, a successful campaign demands more than just getting the word out. It’s a two-way street. Our social media services for your business include profile management to make sure we respond when your accounts get comments or customer interaction.

One of the biggest ways that social media is changing businesses is that it is humanizing them by creating methods of contact that businesses must respond to. Back in the days of Mayberry, most patrons would know the owner of the businesses they frequented. The busy hubub of the late 20th century took that away. Now, social media has empowered everyone to have a chance to not only have their say about a business but also to a business. Businesses had better be ready to have warm and welcoming responses.

Finally, businesses should be proactive with their interactions by reaching out to their fellow company and individuals who are seeking information, advice, or camaraderie. This individual-focused form of customer service goes a long way in building individual relationships that ripple out to both the digital world and the real world.

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