Small Business Marketing Strategy

Plan, Observe, Adjust

This video outlines our onboarding process, and includes a demonstration of our initial strategic plan. This plan serves as the starting point for every campaign, and is what we measure our results against at the 90 day review of your account.

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During the onboarding process, we create a strategic plan for each department to implement. This outlines your current business status, who your clients are, where they are coming from, and identifying your biggest opportunities for growth. The below is a blank template of the strategic plan that we produce. Each team member contributes their research and specific plan as to how we will implement our service for you. Once we collaborate on our research and ideas we walk through the plan with you to make adjustments and solidify the strategy.


We use this document as a guideline for each department as we implement. However, we check in on how this strategy is playing out after both 45 and 90 days after the beginning of your campaign to ensure that it is both the right direction for your brand and is delivering the results we expected.