The 3 Most Popular Structures for Blog Posts

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The 3 Most Popular Structures for Blog Posts

Unlike media articles or even formal content structures, such as an essay, blog posts can have just about any layout or presentation. However, there are some more popular structures for blogs posts that can really help to present your content in a way that gets optimal results (traffic, engagement, sales, etc.).

Here they are… 

Bulleted/Numbered Posts

Probably the most common structure for a blog post is one that has the bulk of its content in a bulleted or numbered list. And there’s a good reason for this, particularly for good marketing and easy-to-read content. Posts with titles that start with the “Top 5 Ways…”, “7 Things You Didn’t Know About…” do really well for the optimal number of times they are read, engaged with, and shared. Just look at how well BuzzFeed does with these kinds of posts! 

Image-Heavy Posts

When marketing fashion, retail, food/recipe or personality/style –type businesses in a blog post, enriching it with a lot of images can take it to the next level. Of course, the images should always relate to the content closest to them, so as not to confuse or distract the reader. Packing in images throughout the process of making a recipe, for instance, can make the post far more engaging. Most bloggers will start the post with an introduction, and then do the bulk of the post with large, beautiful images and shorter paragraphs of text – like the Eat Yourself Skinny blogger is doing. Note: You can also do this with videos, like the Frantic Foodie does.

Article-Style Posts

For individuals who are new to blogging, yet familiar with common writing structures, an article-style post is sometimes the best method to deliver content. This structure is best used for blog posts that are more news-based, such as to announce an upcoming event or publicize some changes you are making to your business. Articles are also a preferred style when providing education in a blog post, like this. When your content is formal or serious, it’s better to have the tone and structure follow suit with more traditional style and structure.

Whatever your style, be intentional about the post and write it clearly and include interesting or engaging information. By doing this, your blog will help to inform your audience, while bringing important search traffic and website authority!

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