Tips for Marketing Your Small Business for Holiday Shopping

Small business holiday marketing tips

Tips for Marketing Your Small Business for Holiday Shopping

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Small businesses of many types are trying to get their foot in the door to attract holiday shoppers, but it’s hard to compete with the powerhouses like Amazon. This holiday season; focus your efforts on social media and email marketing for the best results.

In order to attract holiday shoppers, you should first understand where they are coming from. A Marketing Profs report found that consumers assess price, bargain, brand, and whether the item is in stock as their top four gift-selection factors. Most consumers shop discount retailers and online stores before heading to the local boutiques and specialty retailers. They primarily buy toys, games, apparel, accessories, and media (books, movies, and music), but gift cards also take up a significant portion of sales.

A helpful GO Digital Marketing infographic sheds some light on how holiday shoppers are behaving this time of year. Based on the results of this study, there are some key things you should be doing for effectively marketing your small business for holiday shopping this season:

  • Optimize your website to ensure customers can find your business online. Since 71% of consumers research their purchases online before buying, you need to have a great website that not only informs customers about your business, but displays your products and services clearly and beautifully. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, since 82% of your customers will use their mobile device while shopping, looking for business info, deals and offers, and reviews.
  • Don’t complicate your holiday offers. Some retailers try to get rid of overstock or past season’s items, but 41% of holiday shoppers prefer storewide discounts over sales and discounts on specific products/services. Lots of holiday shoppers are doing so on social media (Facebook, in particular), so be sure to promote your holiday offers on social networks as well as in your store and on your website.
  • Coordinate your email marketing efforts. A staggering 83% of consumers are more likely to visit your store after receiving an email marketing blast from you. Plan regular (at least weekly) email blasts to your customer base to remind them to shop at your store. Consider including exclusive offers or discounts to further entice your email contacts to buy.

Happy Holidays!