Try Canva for Quick & Beautiful Social Media Design

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Try Canva for Quick & Beautiful Social Media Design

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It’s no secret that effective social media managers are junkies for online apps and tools to make their work easier and more effective. From scheduling tools to analytics plugins, we love anything that helps us be more organized!

But organization isn’t our only focus when it comes to filling our digital toolbox. We want that stuff to look good, too! For the longest time, social media managers had two options when it came to making posts beautiful: amateur photography and Photoshop dabbling, or full-on training in photography and graphic design.

Not anymore! Canva is a fab new tool that makes designing awesome picture/graphic posts for social media super easy and fun, with fantastic results. You can browse through hundreds of pre-made templates that are already sized for whatever you need (Facebook cover images, Instagram posts, YouTube banners, etc.). Then search through Canva’s database of tons of free pictures and graphics and drag your choice to the design, upload your collateral (logos, images, etc.), and you’ve made a custom post.

The whole process takes just a couple of minutes, and the result is a beautiful social media design, graphic, or picture that looks like a professional graphic designer did it!

In addition to their huge repertoire of free graphics and images, Canva also has even more fair use images that you can purchase for just $1. There are hundreds of fonts, and photo editing is just as easy as it is on Instagram.

It’s not just for social media – the tool has designs for flyers, presentations, business cards, posters, invitations, and more.

This is a great tool for social media managers who don’t have a degree graphic design, and want to make beautiful social media design for sharing on their social networks.

As a side note, there’s been buzz in the past couple of months about how the reach capacity of photo posts has flipped from being #1 to ranking below even text-only and link posts. Video posts get the most reach on Facebook, and while photos and graphics get the lowest average organic reach, it’s important to note that the effectiveness ranking is organic reach. After videos, graphics and photos provide extremely shareable content on Facebook, increasing engagement when fans are reached with the post.

Engagement with your audience is very important to an effective social media management strategy. Businesses should definitely increase the amount of videos they produce and share on social media, if they can. But they shouldn’t stop posting pictures and graphics just because these ‘photo’ posts are limited by Facebook’s algorithm for reach.