Which Social Media Networks Should Your Business Use? – Part Two

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Which Social Media Networks Should Your Business Use? – Part Two

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Time to get visual! Lots of the latest additions to social media platforms are video- and photo-centric. In this next part of my series on social media networks your business should use, I’m going to outline each of them and their benefits for small businesses (click here for part one).

Tumblr: While people don’t really use Tumblr as widely as they do Facebook and Twitter, it’s a great place to showcase photography. If your business falls under photography or graphic design, Tumblr is an excellent medium to show it off, however, you are more likely to earn admirers over customers.

Pinterest: Here is where eCommerce currently has free license to play. For now, Pinterest essentially offers a great place for online stores to advertise their stuff for free. To capitalize on this opportunity while it lasts, make sure each product that you ‘pin’ has a description that includes pertinent keywords to make it more searchable.

Instagram: For now, Instagram isn’t really designed for commercial use, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used that way. Instagram is best used by businesses that really engage visually with their customers. You probably won’t make any direct revenue from an active presence on Instagram, but you will definitely build brand identity and maybe loyalty amidst your current customers.

Snapchat: Since it’s 100% mobile and not equipped for businesses to use to contact their customers, Snapchat is useless to us right now. We’ll keep an eye on this video-messaging platform for future developments that may help small businesses, though!

Vine: Snapchat and Vine are basically in the same spot right now, except that Vine videos can be watched and searched from any computer (not just a mobile device). Small business owners or managers can film a Vine on their phones using the app on a public setting for anyone to see it, and get further traction by sharing the Vine on Facebook or Twitter. There’s no way to connect with a specific audience though, since Vine doesn’t have any way for people to ‘follow’ your Vine account for now. So, it’s really just another way to maybe get more visibility for your business.

Because of their different focuses, we believe that pretty much all small businesses should be active on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This is why we have those networks built in to our social media posting strategy for all of our small business marketing packages.

Hopefully this series has provided a closer look at some of the most common social media networks out there, to help you make the best decision for marketing your small business in a social way!

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com