Why Businesses Should Use Pinterest

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Why Businesses Should Use Pinterest

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With highly-visual, linked images and captions that can contain searchable keywords, Pinterest gives businesses another opportunity to access customers. As a social network, Pinterest will likely never match Facebook for the growth of followers and a business’ ability to engage with them. But it can still boost sales and interaction with your business – particularly if you sell your products online.

Pinterest is certainly not for all businesses, but for e-commerce and retail businesses, it’s a social network you really should use. This offers one more place where you can display your products, be found by potential customers, and even drive traffic to your online store.

The best way retail businesses should use Pinterest is to follow these steps:

  1. Create a Pinterest for Business account (this distinction will allow you to have access to Pinterest Analytics, which personal accounts do not have).
  2. Put together pin Boards by ‘pinning’ your products and ‘re-pins’ that correspond with your brand. The combination of your own original pins and pins from other sources will give a nice variety to any of your followers.
  3. When you pin your own products, make sure to include the link to your product on your website, where people can purchase. (You can do this directly from your website, if you have the Pinterest browser button). Always include keywords in the caption, to make the item easy to find in Pinterest searches.
  4. Pin new products when you add them, and re-pin on a regular basis to keep your boards active and growing.

By pinning images of your products to Pinterest, you can take advantage of one more opportunity to get them out there and seen by potential customers. And sit tight – Pinterest will soon allow you to promote your pins in order to expand that reach even further! Click here to get on the waitlist for promoted pins, so that you can be the first to know when this feature is available.


Featured photo source: Pixabay.com.