Why We Keep Our Marketing Local and In-House

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Why We Keep Our Marketing Local and In-House

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One of the questions we often hear from current or potential clients is “Do you outsource your content generation?” Nope.

At times, the question is more along the lines of “Is your team here in Seattle, and can we meet with them?” Yep.

What’s important to our clients is important to us.

The sense of security that comes from being able to meet face-to-face with people you work with is important.

Really important. We get that.

That’s why you can meet our team here in Seattle whenever you like.

When it comes to content, our packages include content for your site and then begin with one blog post per month, and go all the way up to one blog post each week. Social media posts begin at three posts per week, and our top level package includes five per week (as well as $50 of ads). Our videos begin at one during setup, and go up to four each year. Our photoshoots begin at one every six months, and scale up to four each year on our Premium package.

If you ever want to meet the makers of all the above, you can just ask.  We’re usually hanging out in our office in Queen Anne, Seattle.

One of the ways this plays out when we’re working with clients is, if something goes wrong or needs fixed, an in-person meeting is always helpful for problem-solving and resolution. If necessary, we’ll hop on over to our client’s location, or they come to meet us at our office. It’s right here:



Some other advantages of having a marketing company native to your city:

  1. We know the local culture. We could talk for a long time about the neighborhood differences between Queen Anne and Magnolia, or why Leschi is such an interesting little spot in Seattle. We could tell you where Bryant is, and why West Seattle virtually considers itself a city on its own.
  2. We have local connections. Whether its media, blog, or other marketing service contacts, we’ve got them. We have a running list of press contacts in the Seattle area with a particular interest in small business news.
  3. We care about the local economy. A lot. That’s why we’re hosting a meet-up on May 7 for small business owners through SmallBusinessSeattle.com – a digital magazine we started as a resource for small business owners. As far as we know, it’s Seattle’s only publication focused solely on small business. Our CEO, Danny Done, has even been featured in Started in Seattle.

We’re because you’re here, Seattle. And we’re not going away. And we’d love to meet you too, person-reading-this-blog.