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Our Mission

We’re committed to providing growing businesses with comprehensive marketing solutions that are tailored to their goals and ideal customers, creating measurable return on investment. Confusing and unnecessary marketing options make it difficult to decide how to invest in business growth; we’re doing something different.

What Is “Marketeering”?

Marketeering applies the energy and ambition of mountaineering to digital marketing. Our services and expertise help clients reach new heights, giving them that “on top of the world” feeling that comes from setting challenging goals and following through.

It also reflects Marketeering Group’s work as a pioneer in the field of marketing; we’re always striving to break new ground with our strategies, services, and business structure. Our norm is a perpetual state of evolution.

Our marketing approach is about real human connection. We simply augment it by using technology in the right way.”

– Jae Glenn, Social Media Specialist

We have to be constantly evolving to incorporate new practices and techniques, because the communities we target and the technologies we use are always changing. It keeps us on our toes.”

– Leah Haines, Director of Creative Services

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Educating and offering as much personal and professional development as possible is not just our responsibility — it’s our strongest business strategy.”

– Allan Kamuyu, SEO Specialist

Nothing can beat getting to work side by side with such diversely talented individuals. It makes us more creative, efficient, and effective.”

– Maddy McHugh, Marketing Admin

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Our Values


We collaborate so you can excel. We maintain a full team of in-house experts in every division of digital marketing who work together to further your mission and increase your visibility.


We are focused on and dedicated to being the best in our industry and pushing the boundaries of our own knowledge base.


We embrace the individual and champion our employees to be themselves, whoever that may be. With a wide range of skill sets and backgrounds, our team offers expertise across a variety of marketing services in an inclusive environment.


We are committed to always creating with a purpose. We set actionable goals and work hard to achieve them.


We are constantly seeking relationships with community members and agency partners to build an ever-growing team of ambassadors to further support your brand.

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We build open and honest relationships with our clients and community members to support constant communication and clarity in our work.

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