Our Process

How We Create and Implement Marketing Plans

Our process allows us to design custom marketing plans that meet our clients’ goals and maximize their return on investment.

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Step 1: Build a Plan

We start by learning about your business and discussing your goals and budget. After doing some additional research, your account strategist refines those goals, establishes key performance indicators to measure progress, and identifies the services that will make that progress happen. Then we bundle those services into a custom marketing plan for purchase.

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Step 2: Apply the Services

Next, we assign the dedicated team members who will be performing your services and onboard them. Your account strategist will educate the team about your business and goals, assign deliverables, and set up analytics tools to measure progress.

Once everything’s ready, we get to work, applying your services on a monthly basis.

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Step 3: See Results

Using our key performance indicators and analytics tools, we regularly measure our progress. This allows us to see whether the work we’re doing is accomplishing the goals we’ve established.

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Step 4: Refine the Strategy

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and connecting the right message with the right audience is a process of testing, evaluating, and refining. If our initial approach isn’t successful, or if your goals shift, we’ll assess and adapt our strategy. Being flexible enough to make adjustments allows us to ensure that we’re always moving forward.

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