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Why Are Hosting & Maintenance Important?

Your website needs to be hosted on a server in order for it to be accessible on the internet. At Marketeering Group, we host our clients’ websites on WordPress optimized servers, which means increased site speed and security for you. Hosting your website with a partner you can trust is also crucial to get the technical support you need if any issues arise.

But just having your site up, hosted, and running isn’t enough. All websites need regular maintenance and updates to keep them functioning optimally. Regular maintenance also helps improve security, boost site traffic, and enhance the user experience.

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What’s Included in the Hosting & Maintenance Plan?

Hosting on our premium WP Engine account with dedicated servers that have been optimized for security and performance

  • Monthly WordPress, theme, and plugin updates to keep your site up-to-date and secure
  • Automatic website backups so you can restore your site if major issues arise
  • Malware clean-up, if your site is infected
  • 24/7 support for website outages
  • Technical support for website issues that are caused by the hosting platform, maintenance updates, or attacks
  • Uptime monitoring so we know right away when your site is down and can prioritize fixing the issues
  • Premium web forms and spam filtering
  • Additional login security with reCaptcha
  • And more

Talk to a strategist to learn more about Marketeering Group’s hosting and maintenance services.

Our Hosting & Maintenance Process

If you’re planning to move your current website to our hosting from another platform, we first perform an audit and update, to make sure your website is secure and eligible for transfer to our servers. We’ll also check that you have current licenses for your theme and plugins, and add our maintenance tools to your website.

Once the site is moved onto our servers, we begin the maintenance service, running updates at least once per month and maintaining security for the site. From this point, the service is typically hands-off for you. If we run into any issues with updates, such as expired plugin licenses, abandoned tools, or other security risks that require additional considerations, we will contact you with the details. And if you run into any issues with your site, you can contact us for assistance, and we’ll help you troubleshoot the problem.

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